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  1. So my friend and I loaded up the world after the 1.0 release. I Built tier 3 arrows and got the achievement, but when he built some his achievement didn't pop. Similarly enough, when we plugged up the haze cannister (he plugged it as I already had thr achievement) his again did not unlock. this is a shared world and I'm worried that if we progress through I'll be the one getting thr achievements and not him when it's a team effort. is this just a bug that is in the process of being fixed or is this because I am the creator of the world and was hosting it?
  2. I dont seem to have the schematic for the Glue Masher. it was to my understanding that you unlocked for purchase after you do the Hedge Lab but that does not seem to be the case. Do we know where that is or is my game bugged?
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