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  1. Is there a thread with links to all released hi-res screenshots? I'm only looking from my phone, but these don't seem like hi res screens.
  2. How would a physical add on take away from a digital add on of the almanac?
  3. Not for the same rewards. New pledgers after KS is over must pay some kind of price for being late to the party. I don't mind them offering boxed copies or collectors boxed copies unsigned in an after-ks store. But adding much else and it takes away from the special feeling we get from believing our rewards are exclusive because we backed the kickstarter.
  4. Wondering if people are as interested/excited as I am about the possibility of a physical almanac. If it can't be included at higher tiers like 500 for free, then I am surely willing to pay a little extra in order to secure one. Up to $50 I'm willing to part with for a Physical Almanac. Interested in perspectives of all, but especially higher tiers of 500 and above and their willingness or non willingness to part with a little more cash for a Physical Almanac.
  5. This qualifies as the best first-screenshot I have ever seen of a videogame.
  6. Adding a physical almanac to the 500 tier would make me instantly up to that tier from 250.
  7. It would seem lots of people don't want to make "hard" decisions when it comes to inventory management. Only hard choices when it comes to dialogue and combat? Tell me how one extra hard decision is going to ruin your experience? How about one could only carry two sets of armor. One he's wearing and one in a backpack. Of course these features could be i the expert or hardcore modes if people are really THAT put off by a little inventory management. Or depending on strength level and type of clothing they're wearing/type of backpack. Either 1 2 or 3 sets of bulky armor carryable on person. The back and forth between these dungeons i believe is not fun, but you technically brought it upon yourself because of your "must hoard everything i ever come across" attitude. If you must hoard everything a quick "dungeon exit" button when not engaged in combat could easily take you to your carriage to load up the loot youve amassed so far, then a quick "back to progress point" button to quickly get back to the action. This I must carry everything attitude strikes me as one very cry baby and two incredibly stupid and attempting to impose hoarder mentality on us all. I would totally like to see the "cry baby" as the title for easy/noob mode.
  8. Everyone who is voting no. Seems to be under the impression this game would use an unfun manner of weighted gold that PAST games have used. Expand your minds a little. Jeez.
  9. @shevek incorrect. If its done properly there need not be any tedium. And could add gameplay value for hoarders.
  10. Gold should not be easy to horde. There should always be a risk that somebody will steal it all from under your nose. Heck, if you can sneak around the wealthie's palaces stealing their well guarded and locked away riches, why shouldn't your non-especially guarded stash be quite vulnerable to thieves? If gold has weight it limits the amounts you can steal at one time, likewise for those looking to loot your home. Yes to weighted gold. But the currency system needs to be quite realistic that it is built around. If you don't want your golds and loot being easily stolen. Invest in guards, patrols of encampment, better locks and chests, etc. Then if you want to buy something massive like a palace or whatever you can hire a money coach to ferry your fortune to the seller. This would be of course accompanied by you guarding your coach to its destination But for those that don't want to amass fortunes. The system is such that you can fairly easily carry enough gold to get by. A weighted gold system can open up doors for more different gameplay opportunities?
  11. Apologies if already answered but.. Is this an honor system? Or will it be checked after the kickstarter ends to see exactly who has honored their commitment to the Obsidian Order by adding the 8 to their final pledge amount?
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