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  1. After reading through three pages of people lauding absolute freedom in party composition, I was getting worried I was the only one that appreciated party balance. Of course I don't want to be restricted to keeping a particular class or build with me, but I do want to notice that I don't have it. If I roll a full party of rangers, I want to notice that I don't have access to extremely useful wizard spells. I still want to be able to play the game fully whatever I choose party-wise, but I do want to be at least slightly punished for making strategically poor decisions. If only to add to the wild tactics people like those who love mages and only mages will have to come up with to deal with the fact that mages, and any other class, do have weak points better filled by different classes.
  2. I think that concept just might be. Not counting the mention in the post you quoted, here are two other posts that point to a 'bad in combat' mentality. Perhaps instead of talking about another couple of classes next update, there could be a new update about noncombat skills and their relation to character builds?
  3. I'm not suggesting the animal companion makes the ranger bland and generic, just that the role of the animal itself should be played by a party member (such as a fighter or rogue) in a party based game. Why not apply most of those bonuses the ranger and animal get from each other to the whole party instead? Are you guys seeing my kickstarter badge? My profile shows it, but I'm not seeing it when I post. That in my opinion would make ranger more supporting character than damage dealer, as s/he would buff other characters attacks instead of his/her own. And in party based game I see additional party member to be more of an advantage than hindrance, as it gives you more flexibility on how you position your characters and what enemies you engage first. Interesting. I hadn't considered the role shift that would occur if the ranger/companion buffs weren't confined to the two of them. I'm still not happy with the idea of an animal supporting the ranger as I feel like that is the party's entire purpose, to support each other. Makes for an excellent solo character though.
  4. Same here. I'm having this problem as well. Edit: And fixed. Thanks for the help!
  5. Animal companion gives ranger ability to do both ranged and melee harassing at same time, which makes ranger quite unique class. I'm not suggesting the animal companion makes the ranger bland and generic, just that the role of the animal itself should be played by a party member (such as a fighter or rogue) in a party based game. Why not apply most of those bonuses the ranger and animal get from each other to the whole party instead?
  6. So excited to have more information on the classes! Two things I'm worried about: the way Coordinated Positioning is animated is going to be essential to making it smooth and believable as opposed to very "gamey" and I have never been fond of animal companions in party based games. Everything the companion was listed as being for is what the party should be doing, which makes the animal superfluous and kind of useless in a party environment. Just my two cents. How could I forget? I'm placing my vote for the Leaders of the Band. I am most excited about the chanter.
  7. I'm also replaying the Infinity Engine games (a popular thing to do apparently) and I'm far more concerned with pacing than breaking formation in tight corridors. Somehow, don't ask me how, my back two party members(read: fragile casters) often got to my rallying point first. That resulted in more than a few mad scrambles as a tender mage was expected to take on a couple skeleton warriors or umber hulks all on their lonesome.
  8. Would you go more towards centaur-like or straight up quadrupedalism if you were to redesign the vithrack? P.S. Thanks Bobby!
  9. I am an instant fan of these spider-people, the vithrack! Am I sensing a decidedly illithid vibe?
  10. This is extremely important. I'm replaying Baldur's Gate 2 at the moment and apparently Jaheira and Aerie both think that the middle of a combat round is the best possible time for a heartfelt conversation. It breaks immersion everytime while simultaneously causing me to hate a character I'm supposed to be romancing just a little more. Making the the notification system as unobtrusive as possible will have a huge effect on its success.
  11. This stronghold system sounds amazing! I'm a little worried about getting my hopes up too high because it sounds so great. I tend to be a packrat when playing large RPGs. I wouldn't mind having a place to display the things I've collected in my adventures, if you're still taking suggestions.
  12. I cannot believe how detailed you got the characters. Is there a chance of some kind of limited zoom so I can see them better? Either way, I am very happy with the direction you're going, so add my voice to that column.
  13. Those are some interesting implications. But I do have a few questions. Should strength, dexterity, or any other stat interact with such a skill? Should heavier armors like plate have a higher maneuver check and if so should armor dependant classes like the fighter start with points in maneuver. I really like the idea of having an armor skill that does translate to other aspects of the game thus giving incentive for a fail sort of wizard to take it even if he never intended to take on armor. He could later grab some plate as the need arose and thus not feel like he made the wrong choices early on.
  14. I would lean towards armor skills myself. I'm thinking of something more like armor familiarity. It would function a lot like BG's weapon proficiencies where you got to add a point every couple of levels and become better at using a particular class of weapon. You could still use the weapon class without any points in it, you just weren't able to use the weapon as well as someone who had the points. That could translate to movement speed and stamina drain when wearing armor (which I am also in favor of). Add a point to plate armor and reduce stamina drain and increase movement speed while wearing plate. The other armors could have different drawbacks and bonuses (I can't imagine say cloth armor being heavy enough to drain stamina), like stealth in leather perhaps, giving different reasons for chosing different armor types.
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