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  1. Where can you see the XP gains and stats for non-beasts, like the looters and guards?
  2. With resolution set to 3840x2160 you cannot zoom in far enough. If you change screens (e.g. leave a house), the game zooms in close but if you zoom out you cannot zoom in that close again.
  3. The pathfinding is much better than the infinity engine games. What you seem to have a problem with is the auto-attack not working properly.
  4. Thanks. I'll restart and sell both. I just wish I could start at the camp with a full party so they all level the same.
  5. Is this possible? You could do it in Baldur's Gate. I can only afford 2 adventurers by the time I get to the inn the first time.
  6. Too soon to ask? I noticed Obsidian licensed Pathfinder. Does this mean the next RPG will be old D&D rules? Anyway, I played on Hard with Expert mode and it seemed like Baldur's Gate with a little more combat micromanagement. Next time I wanna try Easy with all the helpers on to see what I missed.
  7. Can backers buy a beta key add-on any time during the beta? For example, a backer who won't have access to his computer until early September.
  8. Here's how Broken Age fared: http://www.polygon.com/2014/2/21/5434300/double-fine-broken-age-split-worked-tim-schafer
  9. One road isn't "faster" than another road of the same length, either. They're roads. But, when you're always accounting for roughly the same amount of traffic in an area whenever you take a trip to your destination (such as having to go to work, during business-hour traffic), people often say "Route X is always faster." What they really mean is, "with all the factors you're going to have to deal with in both routes, Route X typically has factor values that allow you to get to your destination sooner than if you had taken the other route." I'm not sure what you're trying to prove. A program compiled to native CPU instructions is always faster than the same program compiled to byte code. The programming language is irrelevant. BASIC, Lua, C#, C, Java, Fortran, C++ -- it doesn't matter what it's written in if the end result is an executable in native CPU instructions. The BASIC compiler I used in college produced executables every bit as fast as the C compiler I used. Anyway, glad to bump the post, there's a lot of good information from the devs here...
  10. I haven't read that. If I had to speculate on why someone would say that, I could think of a few reasons. First, C# has some fancy multithreaded things like concurrent collections and parallel loops that are built in and don't require a library. It's pretty easy to make your program take advantage of multicore/cpu machines. Secondly, C#, like Java, uses a runtime framework that theoretically can run better on a variety of hardware. Line-for-line C++ is always faster than C#. C++ is not faster than C#. They're languages. Code compiled to native CPU machine language is faster than run-time compiled byte code.
  11. Not a big deal. Broken Age, Elite: Dangerous and Wasteland 2 should be enough indoor activity for spring/summer. Then with Pillars, Torment and Star Citizen (38 effing million dollars) following up later '14/'15. Good God, I'd almost given up on gaming completely. Crowd-funding is awesome.
  12. I agree with many of you here. No more black and white, good vs. evil, paragon vs. renegade paths. In light of xLegionx's post on this thread. If a game designer comes up with an RPG that changes based on the D&D alignment model, creating 9 possible paths, I'd be happy. It's a lot of writing but I'd gladly accept a shorter game with that much expansion and replayability. Just no more yer-a-jedi or yer-a-sith. Except change 'evil' and 'good' to 'selfish' and 'selfless'. So being Lawful Selfless means you care about the needs of others above your own and obey the law. Chaotic Selfish means you don't care about law and order and are only doing what benefits you at the expense of other's needs.
  13. I'm the thread starter and the question was adequately answered in the first reply and in the interviews with the latest update. I don't want the game to create unnecessary restrictions on how others play but I'd like them to minimize the need to reload. For example, pick pocket should either succeed or fail. Period. You either have the skill or you don't to pick pocket that NPC. If not, you need more experience to train pick pocket.
  14. They could've called it a Fwabler then nobody would compare it to anything else. They just liked the name Troll I guess.
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