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  1. There were good ones, like dwarf-lich, siege of Bara-something... at least there`s a lot of interactions on each location.
  2. Lol, I dropped POE2 and been playing BG1 and BG2 for 3 weeks. I tried BG: Siege of Dragonspear (made by Beamdog - guys who made BG Enhanced Edition) for the first time and i thought: that`s how you make good quests Obsidian. I was disappointed when I played Poe1. My points: 1) Boring story and quests 2) Super boring companions (except Eder, for some reason) 3) Boring repetitive combat 4) Very stupid and hard to understand character development system (like barbarian is better with high INT rather than STR or MIG, what????) 5) Lack of content x3 6) Annoying music most of the time 7
  3. Well yeah, PoE is more like BG1, but i hoped it would be better than BG2, thats why... Sleazebag, 1 interaction per dungeon floor is not enough for the game about dungeons. Irenicus dungeon was only example and its still much more fun than most of PoE dungeons. Too much fighting in PoE, thats what im trying to say. Dungeon in Stormwall Gorgeis ok too, but its too small.
  4. Hello, sorry for my english in advance... So this game is better than 90% of rpg for past 10 years.. but still a great disappointment. I write all this because i hope that someone from devs will read and will find something useful and next games/addons will be better. I reaaaly hope. The biggest №1 problem of this game is BORING dungeons. In fact theres no dungeons, there`s only monsters. Let`s compare first dungeon from BG2 and any dungeon in PoE. Irenicus Dungeon: Room1: Cutscene with Irenicus, 3 npcs to interact with, you will find strange portal if you go top room and warehouse
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