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  1. I got this answer from Obsidian: "Hi there, Drizzan! Thanks for reaching out to us! Currently the only way to get the expansion will be when we announce the date and set up pre-orders for it. We hope to have an announcement on those things soon. We just ask for your patience as that announcement draws near. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks for your support and we hope you're enjoying the game!" All we can do is wait! =)
  2. Thanks, yeah tried the "Buy Addons" button but no expansion there. I'm gonna throw them an email just to be sure, can update here with the official answer later regarding the expansion.
  3. Is it still possible to do this through Obsidian? I know I could do it before back when I finalized my pledge, but stupid as I was I didn't. I wanna throw some more money at Obsidian and because of how awesome the game is I'm deffo getting that expansion no question about that. But the expansion is not listed in "Addons" anymore when I try to buy it there. Anyone know anything about this or should I ask Obsidian directly? Totally awesome game btw, amazing work Obsidian! Big contender for my GOTY.
  4. Even if 100% of fans wanted them, I don't believe we have the time and other resources to implement them well. I am not inherently opposed to romances, but I don't want to spend time implementing something I'm not confident we will be able to execute at a high level of quality. I like romances in games, but when I think back some of my favourite games didnt have them at all (FO1, FO2, KOTOR2 VTMB), so this is totally fine if you guys want to spend more time on the things that you actually enjoy writing. Also, there is always the modding support later for the romances, so that problem will with time, solve itself.
  5. I also want to to lift forward a great RPG: Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines. There is one vampyre "race" (Malkavians) which has unique dialogue throughout the entire game, that is extremely cool. I hope we will get the dumb playthrough again like in the fallout series, those characters are very fun to play.
  6. Dude, I hate to brake it to you, but it was a joke. I was just getting ahead of the train so that this thread (http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/64997-body-types-and-video-games/) doesn't spill in to here. I even gave you a like on the original post. I really thought that the "GIRL POWER" bit was a dead give away. Yes I kinda realized that after I posted, it was an answer to other posts aswell though just didnt quote all of them. But then again you never know on the internet so had to make a post like that to be sure noone misunderstood me. =)
  7. Hopefully there will be some kind of romance plots, I thought the romances in both Planescape Torment and Baldurs Gate 2 added something good to the game. I would miss them if they were removed.
  8. I think maybe alot of people here misunderstood me. I just want my gameplay experience to get different by playing another race/gender, and not get another Skyrim where nothing matters. I am not sexist at all, I like playing as both genders when i play games, explore all options and variations whenever possible. Also the thing about Ceasars Legion treating women bad was just an example of differences between gender choices in a game, if you have played Baldurs Gate 2 you may remember that the drows in the underdark treat you alot better if you are female, I like that difference alot aswell. So no people, I am neither racist or sexist, I just want to be immersed with a hopefully amazing upcoming game, and I thought i'd share my thought since who knows, maybe they help someone. =)
  9. Kind of a WALL OF TEXT but I had to write this down before the game was released. I have been playing RPGs since Quest for Glory on Amiga 500 so I want to give my input what I think is important in a RPG. I feel it is really important that the race and gender you play has an impact on the world, with some races being more liked/hated/distrusted, has easier/harder/blocked access to certain areas/guilds/towns and different ways to solve quests and so on. Gender should also matter in what access/solutions can take and how well like they are in their current area/situation. There is nothing more boring than creating a certain race/gender and seeing that it has basically zero impact on the game. Dragon Age Origins is an example of a great RPG that really made the choice of race/gender feel different with each playthrough, now let me show a game that weren't as successful: Skyrim: You can choose between 10 different races i believe, what race and gender you choose basically has zero impact on the world expect that the guards may change 1-2 greetings and about as many other dialogues are changed, that's it. Lets not even mention the fact that you can become guild master of everything there aswell in one playthrough that's just disgusting. Bethesdas thinking "Everyone should be able to do everything" actually reduces gameplay. It removes the point of creating a new char to explore new possibilites with quests/classes/interactions etc etc... The only difference is that your character will look different, which is not ok. Wouldn't it have been alot more awesome if you were playing as a Khajit, and you were banned from going into cities? You had to sneak in at night maybe, or bribe a guards, or just hide under some robes while there. Excluding content for certain races/gender does actually increase gameplay, since I know for sure I wanna try out the other races/gender if they got different gameplay/interactions somewhere. Obsidian kept genders interesting in FNV with women being basically slaves by one faction, and being exluded from certain events in that faction. Made gameplay as both genders feel different and fresh. I think of course that there could have been more differences but can't have it all i guess. Make my choice in the start with race and gender count Obsidian, let me feel the hate of various NPCs in one playthough and let me see them treat me differentely in my next playthough with another race/gender. Just don't let them treat me the same no matter what, that would be the worst punishment of all!
  10. First of all, it was a reward tier during the kickstarter, and secondly why do people have a problem with it? Just dont get it if you don't want it? Don't remove it for people that actually want beta acess for a price. Having the option to get beta acess for a price seems better than not having the option at all no?
  11. I read the news about this today, about not being able to release the game at the intended timeframe and pushing it forward atleast another 6 months. To me that is really amazing news, that means you people care alot about your own work and don't intend to publish an unfinished product. That also shows a great respect to the fans aswell. Please, take as long as you need, there has been so long since a great CRPG was relased, we can all wait a little longer. Take as long as you need, and put your whole heart into this product and create this amazing world that I can get lost into again, it has been way too long now since I last had that feeling in a game.
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