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  1. Haha really?! Well it's a great weapon and a hoot to get. Thanks! It's a tribute to my kitty
  2. Min's Fortune, but I'm a bit biased as that was my create-a-weapon lol. Also like both unique poleaxes a lot.
  3. Thanks! Still on act 2, so was hoping for something you can get before act 3/dragons. looks like the cad nua thing is my best bet
  4. Any suggestions for 30 str for Pallegina? Have a helm with 3 might, but that's no good for obvious reasons hah. Figure 10 from champions boon, 3 from stronghold rest, 2 from food leaves me needing 3 more from weapons/armor.
  5. Pretty much as before, except you have a fancier weapon enchant past level 12 now and one or two buffs. Haven't rolled one before, what attribute spread works well?
  6. I've been thinking about rolling a char like this too. Haven't tried it, but I want to find a Druid build that would work to get around the 3 uses per rest limit. wf soldier, 2H weapons, scion of flame, apprentice sneak attack, savage attack, etc. Then wildstrike flame and the monk unarmed talent for shifting. Fire godlike, naturally. Alternatively, 2handed fighter or rogue with the gloves set up for damage would hit harder - but not be able to use it as much.
  7. So no one else's stats sheets now list accuracy under the perception bonuses? My game does for existing and new game characters. 1.6 I understand that it didn't before, but now in my games, it's showing perception to increase accuracy.
  8. Did this change recently? I know it was like this for a while beta, but I haven't noticed any patch notes that mention the change.
  9. I'm seeing perception add to accuracy instead of deflection on character creation sheets now. Is that new/intended?
  10. Anyone? Seems like nothing I can do stops prisoners from escaping... Have higher security the prestige, tried power-word reload, etc. Getting pretty bummed about bothering with a prison if all that happens is my prisoners escape.
  11. Any way to prevent prisoners from escaping? Googled around but couldn't find anything. Thanks!
  12. My package had an issue being delivered and is now being returned to sender. Apparently some issue with my address? Obsidian, who should I contact to get this sorted out? You guys or Paradox? I may need to provide an alternate address. Thanks!
  13. Thanks all, sounds like some great advice. I'll keep playing around and try out some of those suggestions. I agree that ciphers seem better suited for that kind of setup, but still hoped wizards could do okay taking advantage of the variety of self buffs they seem to have all the way up their spell line.
  14. Been playing around in the BB trying to make a melee-focused mage work. High Str/Con/Dex, taking the deflection spells, accuracy boost spells, dual weilding, etc. In my limited experience, the lack of pre-buffing combined with the naturally low deflection and accuracy of this class makes it impossible with current balancing. I spend the critical start of fights buffing up and end up still getting stomped while barely being able to hit anything with glancing blows. Has anyone been able to successfully roll a character like this yet? If so, what was your setup? Not going to lie - trying to make a PoE equivalent of ADnD fighter/mage
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