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  1. The 2.01 patch changes, state that the draining mod is properly restored after a save/load. I guess that means that draining mod still exists and is properly working. In my game the mod is missing on tidefall unless i put it in a random container save and then load to take it back (i havent tested if after this method the mod stays permanently or bugs out again along the way). Also after a little research on the internet i see some people saying that draining mod got replaced by some attack speed stealing mod which i cant see in game. What gives?
  2. wasnt the draining mod fixed during 2.01? its missing on tidefall and gauns share
  3. Guys thanks a lot for all the input. I actualy leveld some classes by console and saw for myself after i made this post, but im sure it will help a lot of people out there. On another note im realy happy about the paladin immolation ability. Now im definitely gonna roll one.
  4. what enchants does St. Ydwen's has for barb and figther fully upgraded? can someone clarify?
  5. Can someone post them? i cant find a list anywhere. More concerned about paladin/barb/fighter
  6. Greetings watchers. Sometime ago i came upon those gloves sold by dunstan in the crucible keep (after a couple of quests) that grant the firebrand spell along with some fire DT. I bought them just to see what the firebrand is and it happens to be a fine looking greatsword with immense dmg and crit. Drawbacks are 3 uses per rest, lasts 30 sec, entirely fire dmg. I was wandering if any of you experts out there could speculate/create/test any viable or just fun builds around it, my main concern being barb, paladin, fighter. (maybe throw Scion of Flame into the twist) Also can so
  7. what about the unpaid hirelings bug that is going on for several patches?
  8. "Draining Whip is now working as intended." I thought it did work as intended before. Can someone tell me what the problem was?
  9. Which changes are not retroactive to saved games?
  10. So i can keep playing being sure that blooded adds the dmg even though the description and CS are not as intended. Well thats what matters. Thanks a lot dude!
  11. Its supposed to give x1.25 dmg when below 50% endurance. The description though sais x1. When below 50% the description changes to x1.25. Furthermore i have not tested if it actualy gives the damage boost but in the inventory/character screen the dmg doesnt change. Can anyone confirm?
  12. Thanks for all the usefull information. I like the fact that different players had different input and a variety of ideas. I ended up with the following stats. Might: 20 Con: 8 Dex: 18 Per: 10 Int: 3 Res: 19 Reasons behind it: I sacrificed Int (therefore the knockback duration) to max some others stats. I chose to max Res over Per cause since my focus is to be a tanky dps i dont want to get interupted at all. Especialy with the slow swinging 2h sword. Interuptin enemies on the other hand is good but its not dps related. Furthermore the deflection from those stats is the same weather u hav
  13. Thats exactly my line of thought so far on stats. Regarding the defender/wary defender ability/talent, wouldnt that mean i ll be abandoning a couple of dps ones? And if so which ones? Thanks again for the usefull info much appreciated
  14. Thanks dude. Why int? just for a sec more on knockdown? is it realy worth it? wouldnt you dump it? I dont intend to 6man but i do intend to 420 the way through
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