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  1. GOT got criticized for being sexist to which the obvious reply would have been "yes, it's trying to be an authentic medieval setting, with a dragon here or there thrown into the mix". In any case they reduced the amount of female lower body nudity and increased the amount of male lower body nudity and lowered the overall amount of sex scenes.
  2. What cause does the Bleak Walkers and the Goldpact Knights have? To make money? They seem like straight up mercenaries to me from what lore I've been able to gather. They have their quirks perhaps in methods or such but it doesn't seem like something you wouldn't be able to leave for a new paladin order.
  3. I mentioned this in a previous post in this thread. I would have been perfectly fine with such a solution. I don't think it would have been the optimal solution but I could've worked with it. Obsidian didn't define it in this manner though.
  4. I'm using Fletcher's Rest as much as possible in my current POE run having recently arrived in Defiance Bay. 5% ranged aim is nothing to sneeze at with a party that can take good advantage of it.
  5. Wow. I've never had that many active quests at once but I agree it could definitely be better. It seems quest are not sorted at all except major/minor/critical. I think even if a quest objective changes location from one place to another it would be helpful to at least see where the quest originated (f.e. Defiance Bay).
  6. I hated prebuffing in Baldur's Gate and those games are some of my favourites of all time to this day, it's just bad game design to force that on a player. You can make encounters challenging and interesting without requiring the player to go through this tedium.
  7. I'm happy as long as we get more lore and background information. I feel a bit lost playing a character belonging to an order in POE. Isn't there a lot of stuff I ought to know unless my character is suffering from amnesia, in which case I wouldn't know what is expected of me in terms of behavior? Take the Bleak Walkers. I tried to find information online about them but only found little tidbits. It seems they're a mercenary-like order that are very brutal in order to create fear in their opponents and that they wont cancel out a contract they already started. I got that from a post by Josh I think. All fine and good, but what about their origins, the internal structure of the order, is it like opening up a hells angels charter where you and a few buddies can apply to become members or is there a definitive headquarter out there that runs everything? Presumably a large number of them gather up if they take on big contracts to kill villages whathaveyou, how is that connected to the player? I feel like I know virtually nothing.
  8. I only got a season pass once, for XCOM2 and it promised at least 3 DLC packages as part of the deal, which is what you got. So you knew beforehand roughly what it would contain. It's a rare exception for me to get something like that, just as rare as getting a Steam-only game, but I knew I was going to buy everything and anything from Firaxis that is part of XCOM anyway.
  9. Thanks, I think some of my party got it after being downed in a fight but that's the only time it happened so far.
  10. Yeah it's kinda creepy being in love with someone that doesn't love you back.
  11. Couldn't disagree more with OP. The first time I played PoE I didn't get very far because I soon realised the best tactic was to sneak up on the enemy, cast tenuous grasp and run out of range before I activated. Some enemies had good defense versus it but what does it matter if the chance is low when there is zero risk of doing it? I look to break games when I play them and abuse mechanics, even in single player. Hence since I enjoy being challenged games need to challenge me or I quickly lose interest. Obisdian patching out the abuse and extreme tedium of prebuffing/casting spells made the game playable for me. I've seen this argument a million times about games and the other side always says "well don't do this and don't do that and you'll be challenged". Yeah I can play chess vs my nephew and let him win, what's the fun? I do that for his sake not mine. If I play a single player game alone I do it for my sake, I don't let the AI win to amuse it, it doesn't care, it has not feelings one way or the other, it would just be a complete waste of time as far as I'm concerned.
  12. That's a great idea. I would also like to see 'pause after using ability' include instant and modal abilities. I found I have to manually pause after some of these in Pillars. For example using disciplined barrage on Eder he would activate the ability then instantly autoattack an enemy in range unless his AI is completely turned off, which would waste frames if I wanted him to use Knock Down instead of a basic attack as his first time-consuming action. Edit: It would also be neat if there was an auto-pause option for when you have reached a certain treshold of your class resources, such as focus for the Cipher or wounds for the Monk. Maybe harder to design, would have to be a bit more fluid but if they're all clearly delineated in cost similar to focus then you could choose "pause at (x) level class resource ready". It would require a drop-down menu though for that item or a somewhere to input a value.
  13. I also voted for meaty expansions, and for more companions! I was a bit sad we didn't get our 8th companion (and yes I didn't back the game since I don't like prepurchase so I'm not going to complain about it) but I hope for more of them in future DLCs, especially as someone that exclusively use pregenerated characters for my parties and never hirelings it really helps me differentiate my playthroughs. Good examples of recent DLCs that immediately springs to mind is The Witcher 3 Hos and B&W and XCOM 2 War of The Chosen (I would have payed $60 for this one).
  14. I could not find any info on this on reddit or by google search. The wiki at gamepedia has an old reference that still claims Athletics affect your fatigue level but Josh Sawyer was saying in a patch 3.0 -preview that Athletics would no longer affect fatigue after the overhaul from what I could find. Is fatigue now the same for every individual at all times (I haven't played much with the latest game version)? Does it in fact still scale with Athletics? Is there something else that determines it?
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