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  1. Must be more complex and difficult to fix than it seems, or is it? As much as apparently _everyone_ does not seem to give a toss if this gets fixed anytime soon may I remind _everyone_ that there actually are players who would really appreciate Expert mode doing what it says and what it's supposed to do, and rather sooner than later. Including hiding area of effect highlighting, qualifiers, companion relationship info, personality/reputation and everything else that, even after 3 patches is still being shown despite playing on Expert mode. Thanks.
  2. This just has to be place holder VFX they forgot to replace with the correct one. Doesn't fit at all, especially if you compare this to some of the other visual cues when taking drugs like Whiteleaf or Ripple Sponge.
  3. Those qualifiers (and I do think they count as well) absolutely should be disabled with Expert Mode enabled.
  4. A very specific one this. Attempting to pickpocket Thorel after he moved to the side will move the pickpocketing character towards the spot (marked turquoise) Thorel was in before.
  5. In particular those sleeping/resting in their beds, only came across two occurences so far. One on the upper floor of The Kraken's Eye: And another one in Mokeha's hut in Satahuzi:
  6. I know it's supposed to be 360 degrees but graphics-wise it looks like 370-380 something?
  7. Cheers! I reckon the OP @eisenschwein too will be delighted to see that it's being acknowledged and considered. This has been reported and added to the bug tracker/issue database already: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/97497-aoe-hightlighting-and-relationship-info-cannot-be-disabled/
  8. Yeah, looks like Expert Mode never did deactivate the display of the information/feedback in the first place, unfortunately. Wouldn't mind to actually have it do that though. I'd be more in favor of a separate on/off toggle - similar to the walking/running one - but if, for whatever reason, that's too hard to implement I'd settle for it to be subsequently rolled into Expert Mode as well.
  9. This was brought up during the Drowned Barrows stream a couple minutes ago and according to @Aarik D this has been rolled into Expert Mode, meaning: Without Expert Mode -> floating damage numbers, "Stunned!", "Paralyzed!" and all that With Expert Mode -> none of that Would have preferred a separate checkbox to tick or untick but I guess beggars can't be choosers in this case.
  10. Looks like Part I of the request has been fulfilled: Source: https://jesawyer.tumblr.com/post/172844241666 Now, about those optional floating numbers...
  11. No excuse to not put those toggles in now with the extra month at the devs' disposal. Make it happen Obs, pretty please.
  12. This is a great idea. Only problem is that now you want to make sure your con is an odd number; no upside for even numbered con values. You could also index this to the current "lose a percentage of health with each knockout" such that (for example) a hero with ten con would lose 20% of their health on a knockout, while a char with 20 con would only lose 10%. Not necessarily. As long as Maneha the barbarian could stack up more injuries than Aloth the wizard I couldn't care less if one more point in constitution would raise the injury limit by 1, or to stick with the above example, raise the injury limit from 5 to 6 (going up from CON 10 to CON 11). 5 injuries vs. 10 injuries (at CON 19) is still more in line with the roleplaying aspect (a standard wizard not being able to endure as much injuries as a standard barbarian) than the current universal limit of only 4 meager injuries for all characters and builds, no matter the class nor individual constitution. If health/endurance isn't coming back (and if that's the case someone hopefully is modding it back in) Obsidian should at least remove the hard cap on injuries (e.g. by letting constitution determine the limit on injuries) for proper role-playing.
  13. It's even worse considering that it's also visually emphasizing "wound equality" among all builds and classes. Doesn't matter if you're building a battle-hardened, scarred Coastal Aumaua or planning on roleplaying a support class-oriented Orlan who's never been in the thick of battle directly - both will go down when it hits that imaginary fourth red light.
  14. The limitation to 4 injuries feels incredibly stilted as well. Why exactly 4 anyway? And why is it the same for every character, no matter the build or class?
  15. Speaking from a main Monk's point of view here, I'm loving that they did away with the health/endurance pools. Your monk could only go so far before being *forced* to rest, for no actual reason. It does feel very different though, aye. Exclusively playing an unarmed Monk here as well and I find the current health-only system a definite change for the worse. I think that the additional "endurance buffer" on top of the health pool actually allowed you to go further and longer before the inevitable rest, even with the Monk's inherent disadvantage of having to take damage and thus being more prone to injuries. After reading a couple of impressions I guess it's the same for other melee-oriented classes who are now more vulnerable and have to rest more often because of the missing "endurance buffer". In consequence I have to agree on endurance/health being the more thought-out and elegant system of the two.
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