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  1. The ratio goes like this: 1=1 2=2 4=3 7=4 11=5 And so on. (Combined companion skill on left, bonus on right) A companion with history 2 should allow you to pass a history check 2 if the companion is close enough. Some check cannot be assisted by companions though.
  2. The following options cannot be disabled, even when the boxes are unchecked or playing on expert mode. -Area of Effect Highlighting -Show Companion Relationship Info The AoE circle for spells is always shown. Relationship info is still shown on the character sheet and after selecting conversation options that affect relationships. E.g. when saying something funny, the "lighthearted" indicator will be shown next to Edér and Xoti's reactions to the conversation.
  3. I had the same issue. When the battle ended, one of my crewmembers was in the process of casting a spell that never finished. I had to kill my own crewmember to end the battle.
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