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  1. Almost all of those small inconsistencies and errors (more reported here (Pt. 2), here (Pt. 3), here (Pt. 4), here (Pt. 5) and probably elsewhere too) are still there and have not been cleaned up in the meantime. Would be great if they could still be considered before general technical support ends.
  2. I recently revisited some of the locations mentioned here and in the other previous threads regarding this issue to check if this is still occurring and yep, it still does. Although, now it's just the awareness radii which are still visible, while the vision cones "left behind" by "removed" NPCs are not anymore. Which leaves the issue still at 50% unresolved.
  3. The short video should be self-explanatory but in case it's not: The left and right "arrow" buttons to switch characters on the character screen do not work in the "Reputations" section.
  4. It's the same for the circular frames around the character's portraits in the reputations and records sections of the character sheet as well, by the way.
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