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  1. Sure. Just put this file in your override folder. https://ufile.io/hcyxi Alternatively, if you want to achieve this while using other mods that change the characters.gamedatabundle file, just search in it for "NudeBodyVisualData" and set it to "NudeBodyVisualData": "prefabs/items/appearance/body/cl/cl33/a_cl33_v03.asset", Voilà.
  2. Sure. Just put this file in your override folder. https://ufile.io/hcyxi
  3. Druids can solve a quest in a very satisfying manner on Motare o Kozi (if they have some stealth at least). This leads to more stuff on Sayuka.
  4. In addition to what Opheleus said, there are also many conversation options only members of certain classes, races, cultures and backgrounds have available. Priests of various gods, Vaillians, Huana from the Deadfire and Aumaua from Rauatai are particularly common. Often these conversation options are just fluff though. There are also means to complete quests and attain special boons for specific classes. Sometimes special items can replace the class (such as a unique staff from a completely unrelated unique enemy that can serve as a druid in one quest).
  5. The naked model (M_HUM_ND01.fbx for human males for example) has a variety of submeshes. M_HUM_ND01_Body_Shorts01 for example is the trunks-like underwear human males wear by default, M_HUM_ND01_Body_Shorts02 would be the loincloth one an elf has, which is set to "hidden" for human characters, but could be easily activated instead of the other one. If you set both submeshes to "hidden", then the model is naked, but, um, incomplete. If you set the submesh M_HUM_ND01_BodyS_Package to "Hidden = 0", genitals are added. Additionally, you can activate the submesh M_HUM_ND01_BodyS_PHair01 for pubic hair if you want it.
  6. Just an addendum: You can also heal all trees with the staff Spire of Thicket Green if you do not have a druid. I would also be very interested if there are further effects of the Green Lady's blessing.
  7. Addendum: After you have done the above, Fassina will be a regular wizard without the Conjurer bonus power level or the spell restrictions. However, she will still know the Conjure Familiar spell. If you want to remove that too use RemoveAbility Companion_Fessina(Clone) Conjure_Familiar Depending on her equipped grimoire, her status screen might also list some of her spells twice. This display error is easily fixed by un- and re-equipping the grimoire.
  8. First SetClassLevel Companion_Fessina(Clone) Wizard X true with X being your current level. Then RemoveAbility Companion_Fessina(Clone) Conjurer Note the game's misspelling of her name: The Console calls her "Fessina".
  9. Is there a way to modify an .asset file of a model? Specifically what I want to do is just to toggle/untoggle the Hidden trait for individual submeshes.
  10. I added The Moon's Light spell to Xoti, but it permanently says "no uses left". Is there a way to add the spell to her regular priest spell list, costing faith?
  11. Hello. Edér should have been a member of the Night Market in my game, but due to what I assume is a bug he instead talks about how he visited his parents and has not mentioned the Night Market at all. Can someone share with me how the Night Market impacts the game and Edér's story?
  12. The Kalei bug seems to occur if you don't speak with her immediately after giving Tawena the good news and instead reenter the Company building first. You can see her non-bugged conversation here at around 9.25: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PB64pf5mOeg
  13. Just to share: A portrait I made for Oboro, an ocean folk fighter I used for my second playthrough of the first game:
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