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  1. There are many variation of motion sickness and different degree for each. For example, for me FPS (FP in general) is no go. And there are even TP cameras mods that make me sick. I also can not travel by car/bus as a passenger - but I do feel Ok if driving myself. See? It can well mix (and make your life miserable). Some people say they managed to adapt or even cure themselves by gradually increasing playtime... It might be even true, but I suspect after second attempt to "extend the game time" I would simply condition myself to vomit at the near sight of game logo. The point is, there a
  2. I suspect you are talking about MEA. That was exactly the case - total mess with ideas, changing direction and leaving leaders. So big hats who were busy with Anthem had to delegate someone to sort it out in a hurry. The result - less than stellar MEA. But Anthem was supposed to be the biggest, hottest game Bioware made with 6 years of production, everyone in all the studios involved (people were pulled out of every studio there is), Casey Hudson returning to command that all. It was called Bob Dylan of the games - the best of the best. And - such a disappointment
  3. I wonder... Does Nate White consider his response "classy, charming, cool, credible, compassionate, witty, warm, wise, subtle, sensitive, full of self-awareness, humble, honourable and graceful? After all, he is British and should esteem all those qualities. Well can be, though, that he meant such qualities has to be demonstrated by anyone else but British people and they only reserve the right for esteeming them. From afar.
  4. Now even 8 party members?! You have outdone yourself! Thank you so much for creating this!
  5. What are the mods that enhance or add to romance? Do you have the links? Are worth? Here is the link: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/51 I know there is a Rekke romance there too somewhere. The mod is, obviously, fan-made. So, writing is a matter of taste here. Just try and see for yourself.
  6. Say what you want, but I think Tekēhu romance is very well written and very faithful to character. Aloth (with all my love to character from PoE1) has a secondary role in PoE2, with much less impact and significance. His romance (without mod, which make it playable) feels even less significant (not to mention delayed as much as possible) which is a shame. Non of the romance in game is the central plot piece, but Tekēhu is well developed and felt true to the story.
  7. I used to play it on a 2013 MacBook Pro, and although the cooling fans sounded like a jet readying for takeoff, it worked generally fine with the right graphics settings. Looking at the recommended specs for Deadfire, it's probably among the oldest Macs that meet the absolute minimum requirements. It certainly wasn't the best experience, but it honestly felt like it wasn't much worse than the stutters and frame drops as I remember from the Baldur's Gate days. For how long can laptop survive under such pressure? Several hours of overheating every day - would not it kill processor/a
  8. Wait, what? Was not Win 7 supposed to be supported until 2026?
  9. I trust Obsidian to make a good game with or without romances. They make good games, period. And the idea that flirting with an NPC as part of a romance portion of a game has anything to do with "feeling better" is about as accurate as the idea that combat, exploration, inventory management, or quest completion have anything to do with "feeling better". Yes, you're right... but i am surprised to see that the main concern of the members of this forum since the announcement of the game is ... "romances" (this is the subject that I always see go back and with the most views). Still, is this
  10. Very informative and understandable. I do not ask for changes to existing game. My plea is for the future, to remind that there are people who love Obsidian games but physically unable to play FPS. TP view is not a caprice of spoiled customers but a necessity, and now, when MS is here, may be that enormous amount of work can be done in the future games?
  11. And yet it has to be programmed in separately, meaning, more work (and testing!). Had to mention too, that "companion AI" for me means a possibility of scripting on user side. But even without it, somehow it's a separate feature. Would not call my choice "better". I might argue about realism and immersion, but you are right - in game (any game yet) it's still such a subjective things, it's like arguing about tastes. However, time management IS on the side of RTwP. I'd say that is pretty much objective. Which dictates a very different encounters arrangements in a game and leads to th
  12. My only wish the group making OW would be honest and do not come up with coward excuses about "content dilution", which is as much corporate bull**** as infamous EA with their "sense of accomplishments". Why not honestly say "romances are trouble not worth the resources spent on them"? There is a game company - Spiders, which makes games... not to everyone's liking, let's put it like that. Some people (well, a lot) will call them "bad", for me - it's sort of acquainted taste and I do like the company for it's honesty. When they were asked why there is no female protagonist in their last ga
  13. I don't really understand why you'd think this. Turn-based games frequently have an overload of strategic decisions to make every action, and an AI script for such a game has to sort through all of those options, exactly as it would for a real-time game. Are Chess computers not AI? Obviously plenty of turn-based games have extremely rudimentary AI (Fire Emblem I am looking at you), but that's not a requirement by any means. Sorry, had to specify "companion AI". I guess you can add it (?) but what would be the point? Speaking as someone who's done a bit of fencing and a bit of
  14. The game places you in that position. You can decide about the fate of the Huana, God or no. Not choosing is just an abandonment of responsibility and an instigation of the rule of chaos. The game only present you a situation. What your character is doing in that situation - is up to your character (in a good game. And PoE 2 IS good). Should I come across a "red button" starting a nuclear war in real life, I would not try to push it, just because I've got an opportunity. Not so impressive as rotting piles of bodies beneath Neketaka. Catacombs and graveyards were, at least in part,
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