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  1. Not more expensive, just different area design to suit third person camera angles. If you're going for third person AND first person then you're always going to get ****ty piece of both. Third person games have been propperly built for years, in fact most games from Japan are third person. Only a handful of shooters are first person. The only thing that you need to take into account is animation when you create a third person character. Games such as Fallout 3 and New Vegas and even Skyrim have ultra ****ty third person animation and design. Fallout 4 was A LOT better, but still not perfect because in essence the game was primarily designed for first person. So camera angles and certain shooting angles were busted. first person was great for picking up stuff in skyrim and recent falloutbut third person was necessary for avoid sticking the camera on all those repetitive dungeon walls with only a few kind of different texture Yea but the camera isn't buitl for third person in Bethesda games. Shooting around a corner with clear view of your enemy in your reticule will still have you hit the wall. Third person was just slapped on. I do enjoy playing third person,I mostly prefer it over first person. Especially if the game has character creation so I can actually see my character when I play. Basically how I feel. I like seeing my character but when it comes to combat I usually used 1st person but enjoyed using vats in 3rd. Plus screen shots I'm all about epic screen shots. Hard to get a good one in 1st person. I hope they incorporate it in some way.
  2. Would make it easier to be able to switch. I know they did it with new Vegas. But it wouldn't make sense to have customizable options if we cant see them. I'm sure they have thought of this and hope they have a way around it. First person is nice in a RPG but it does tend to get a bit nauseous after awhile but you do get over it. I just know with previous titles and with the customizable options they had it wouldnt make sense to not be able to see it.
  3. So I'm sure most of us watched the video on YouTube where they ask the creators a series of questions about the game. I was quite excited when they mentioned that they will not be incorporating microtransactions. My only concern is it being an RPG game, having the ablity to customize the look of your character and the Cosmetics of your character, I don't understand why there isn't a third person option. Personally I don't see the point of going in that much detail for customisation if you can't see it. Going off of Obsidian's previous titles their dialogue and cinematics never really changed from the first person view. Which doesn't bother me because during gameplay we are able to switch to third person and see the gear and equipment on your character. I'm just a little confused on why incorporate customizable options if we might not be able to see it. I generally play in first person but I like taking screenshots on top of mountains in third person. I really hope they implement it in the game somehow. I'm still super excited for this game and this being the only negative thing I can see this being a game of the year in my eyes. Fingers crossed.
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