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Found 1 result

  1. This is topic about idea of save export to PoE2. It is continuation of similar discussion in some other topic (where it was offtopic), so some comments could be similar. Should we continue story of Watcher? There is an option to just keep playing with old character and party, however i dont think it is good idea. After WM Watcher 1 is one of most legendary hero in Dyrwood. Slayer of numerous dragons, most wanted monsters, some archmages and choosen of fallen godness. You cant top THAT. There is also some fun in starting from level 1, pack of wolves is serious fight and player is happy with every magic weapon can grab hands on, not limited to best set. Assuming other localization than Dyrwood there is also question of what happened with our Stronghold, NPC dont care much about our lordship, but old Watcher probably focused on governing the cottage (unless player sink all the gold into fancy gear and havent improved base a notch. Why would we even go somewhere else? Should we play as some other character (companion)? Eder fanclub is strong, but not as big. There are always personal preferences about who is your favorite Companion. Not all may enjoy Eder (heretics). Playing during Saint War sounds interesting. However i am not sure if you could fully kill Eothas so he may return anyway, also in future. In game like that players like to make own character and give it best punk hairstyle engine can support. Cameos? Cameos sounds good, since it is fun to see old names back for old players, and new players probably dont care (so it is not harm for them). There is some limit, how far the new story could be locate and assume that some old NPC will get there and why. From that perspective Vailian Republics are close enought to see at least some. Some npc are more likly to travel alot on special missions: Pellegina (related to Republics) or Hilvaris (travels alot, so does Kana). Others are more home people (Sagani, Mother). Also we need to respect endings of PoE, if old Companion in canon died horribly keep him dead. There is also option to have old companions, but probably not many, since players want new faces, and it feels strange if too many companions somehow traveled to new hero. Also some old companions may had other plans than being sideck to some local hero after some legendary adventures. Save Export? The issue is that if new story is somewhere else, the old one could not matter that much. Fate of Rodrick dosnt matter outside Dyrwood. What could matter: Trade deal, who owns Defiance Bay, general fate of Dyrwood (angry gods and stuff), position of Watcher and Cuad Nua(assuming close enought), in case of cameos who died, situacion in Durgan Battery (again localization matters). It is something, but not much, and many of these looks more like news from far far away, tot something could change new story. This may be good since that makes less work for multi version of new story and applying save export. On the other hand the difference could be so cosmetic it is not even worth it. I may have fortgoten about something, but maybe it will show up anyway. Have a better new year, full of joe and PoE2 hype.
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