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  1. Well I don`t know how much implementig costs this has, its mostly a gimmick but still it can add some value in the future. Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. edit:grammar glitch
  2. Hello everyone, I know that its quite unlikely, but some of the people out there(me included) have 3d Monitors with 3d glasses which use stereoscopic vision. I would like to know if PE will support some features of it. I know that this is gonna be a 2.5D game, but wouldn`t it be cool to have all the 3d models on top of a 2d layer and have all those spells and effects twirlin around, while fighting, presented in 3D? Would like to hear your thoughts about this. Regards.
  3. I have a question... which version of Unity engine will Obsidian use? The newest 4.0 with the Dx11 features?
  4. After playing Dark souls... I think that something like Impossible Odds does not exist!
  5. Good to know... more people will flock to kickstarter I presume.
  6. I agree with the dragon thing... just don`t make it the biggest standpoint in the game a.k.a. Dragonage, Guild wars 2... Like their whole agenda and advertising is based on dragons. And add skyrim to that as well...
  7. Well hopefully the engine will support 1920x1080 as a baseline. Wondering more if multi-monitor setups will be in this as well....
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