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  1. I had this issue as well it was also with the estoic. I only noticed it after I dropped him from the party and re added him however.
  2. I get things like this happening in the shops on occasions. Where the pictures don't match the name. Also if I swap someone from my party and then bring them back in all of their combat stats are reset of 0 ( I was trying to compare my party members and cant really do that now. Also that same party member when I brough them back into the party was missing some of the equipment I had given them. He had been doing adventrues can he loose stuff doing that? (chanter guy) A suggestion: Could we get all the rest bonuses for the stronghold rolled into one? So that you rest once and get all the benfits. They just seem a bit low compared so some in other locations.
  3. When thinking of this stuff I often think about the Lord of The Rings. Where swords etc where special and had effect but often had aquired their "powers" through the situations that the weapons themselves had participated in.
  4. Disassociate armor value from class type in favor of different build types. E.g. a wizard can wear heavy armor and be a different type of wizard instead of just "a wizard who is bad". I like this. I think a potential option with upgrades of armour types that may be worth exploring is materials.
  5. Your observation on the videos is what prompted this thread. To a degree I can also appreciate your second comment. I think thought that how well that can be done really depends on the style of game. I haven’t got the impression that the P:E is going to be of the same comic over the top style as the fallouts were. (They were deliberately immature in some ways - Harold and the reaper always get a chuckle) In many games these days there are the extra gore and extra blood options - often on by default. Why? What do they add to the story or characters? How are they mature? If someone looses an arm so be it but there is no need to glorify/gorify it. The same with other content. It happens let it happen and get on with things not give these things more superficial value that they deserve. Even in BG its amusing at first when you kill with a crit and they explode (I was 17) but after a while it just becomes litter on the screen that has no value and really has no need to be there. Its amusing yes but not strictly mature. One thing that got me recently was a game where some of the action voice comments by a character had swearing in it. So every 3rd or 4th time I told him to perform an action the guy swore. I wasn't offended by it but I don't want to have to sit there and listen to it as I try to play the game. I don't play games or read books or watch movies to be exposed to excessive exaggerated sex violence swearing or anything. As a side note books that I have read that have the most swearing but do it well are books where they have created their own swear words to suite their created world. (Even the Witcher does this to a degree I think?) A huge portion of this has to do with context and respecting that context and the maturity of the subject material appropriately.
  6. To a degree this is what I was trying to point to while keeping my post short enough to be read. All of the authors and their work that I referenced are also full of grusom deaths, torture, betrayal, manipulation and all manner of mature themes. I am not against this stuff being presented in a mature way. (I agree with what others are saying with regards to text and fade to black.) Mature themes need to have mature and realistic consquences and effects. However even then I don't want that included just for the sake of having it there (Which is the way I feel was taken with Mass Effect and some of the romance options there - My opionion obviously) - it needs to have a purpose. CS Lewis commented that the art of writeing a good story was to remove as many words as possible so that each one had a purpose. A slighly different genre and medium obviously....
  7. I have really enjoyed playing a decent number of your games (the ones I haven’t enjoyed I haven’t played) in the past and am looking forward to playing this as well when you have done your bit! With that said I can't help but feel concerned when I hear about putting more mature themes into a game than we were able to in the past. What do you mean by mature content? To give an idea of where I stand I am an avid reader (when I get time) and devour David Gemmell, Raymond E. Fiest, David Eddings, Ian Irvine, Ann McCafree, Frank Herbert etc etc as often as I can. All these authors have sex, rape, prostitution, homosexual relationships etc etc all through their work. None of it is gratuitous or graphic or particularly explicit in its description but it is definitely there and adds to the context and characters of their respective stories. I am not against Mature adult content. I am, however, against immature adult content. Having sex (for example) in a game does not make the game "mature" unless there is a mature reason for having it as part of the story. Others may disagree but I would class The Witchers sex conquest card game as immature and cheap in what was other wise a great game and story. I am looking forward to an immersive and mature story. I would much rather you spend your time creating another class or something than rendering cheap sex sceens that don't really do anything for the story. Can you give me some reassurance? Cowgoesmoo
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