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  1. I requested a replacement map from Paradox since the one that came with my Collector's Edition was blurry and had washed out colors. The new one is definitely a lot better. The image is much sharper and the colors are richer. Personally I'm pretty happy with the new one. Anyone else got a replacement, and if so, how is yours? Old New
  2. The amount of copper being traded doesn't update when you add or remove from a stack of a traded item (either buy or sell.) This does not apply if the stack is removed completely from the trade. It's only a display bug though, so probably not very high priority.
  3. I've noticed the same thing. Aloth's Arcane Assault can also be spammed by queuing it multiple times. I hope this gets fixed in 1.05.
  4. Here's composite scans of the PoE map and the Wasteland 2 map. Both maps look a bit darker than the scans. The difference in quality is pretty noticeable though, but I'm not sure what the PoE map is actually supposed to look like so I'm not sure if the replacement would be of better quality. The material of the WL2 map is softer and thinner than the PoE map, so I guess it could just be due to the material used?
  5. It's not exactly a "translation error" but there are two items in the game with the name Orlan's Bramble Ring. The other one is called sigil_of_the_arcane in the game files, so I assume that's what its name is supposed to be. I posted about this a bit earlier, but not sure if it was noticed. I don't remember where I picked up the rings.
  6. I currently have 2 different rings, both with the name 'Orlan's Bramble Ring'. One of them is called sigil_of_the_arcane in the game files, so I assume that's what it's name is supposed to be in-game as well. I don't remember where I picked up either ring.
  7. I'm pretty sure Kana had the estoc when I first picked him up at Caed Nua.
  8. This happens in my current save when I have my third weapon set equipped and move to a different area. If I switch to another weapon and then back to the third weapon set, it no longer happens. To reproduce, load the attached save, check Kana's weapons but don't change anything, move to another area, check his weapons again. It should be gone. save.zip output_log.txt
  9. There's only 2 of them in the game, and only one place to get them. Exceptional enchant will probably do just fine.
  10. Well I guess you could get out with console commands, if you don't care about achievements. Might break something when you enter again though, not sure.
  11. I missed The Disappointer at the start of the game, instead I found it on a corpse on the final level of the Endless Paths.
  12. You could try to get your deleted saves back with a free file recovery software like Recuva. Might not work, but it's worth a shot.
  13. On the topic of censorship in the EMEA-region, I would like a confirmation that it is only the console versions and not the PC version that is censored? NOTE:Slight spoilers on the censored scenes at the bottom of the following picture. http://imgur.com/p5bACYH The details are in the picture above. The notice mentions the console versions specifically, but I just want confirmation.
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