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  1. that is a great idea, I´ll try that immediately! thx edit: unfortunately I wasn´t able to recover any file deleted by the ingame function 8( manually deleted files worked fine though -.- thx anyways
  2. I entered the last part of the game without knowing it would lead me to the final bossfight -.- Unfortunately I had deleted all previous savegames in order to improve loading times. So I´m not able to load a game before the entering. I´ve tried to get out, but could not find an exit. Is there an exit? There is so much I would like to do and hope I won´t have to start a new game ... thx for any help ...
  3. I noticed that the difficulty settings sometimes do not persist after you load a game. How I reproduced this: 1.) Enter that bear cave 2.) Bear one-hits me 3.) Load at entrance of the cave 4.) Set difficulty to normal 5.) Leave Cave 6.) Re-enter cave (because the difficulty setting should get active with map transition) 7.) Quicksave 8.) Engange bear, this time he´s much easier, but still I manage to die 9.) Load last save (the one that should have normal settings) 10.) Bear is clearly much more powerful than last encounter, although the menu says it´s "normal"
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