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  1. I'd actually love to see the Reddit thread, since that part could be expanded a bit - particularly since we're missing the starting stats on the wiki. EDIT: You are correct, there are variables missing, I've checked _hub and _rest and there's a good deal of content there.
  2. The issue has been resolved. As it turns out, Cargo - our data storage system - ****s the bed if an integer is specified as a float. I'll post a note on it, so that we can fix it in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  3. A bit late to the topic, but 2020 was weird for all of us. I feel that Rymrgand simply steps in to assume control of natural processes and entropy, to ensure that they don't happen outside the gods' control (and we all know, if there's anything Engwith loved, it's control). Souls will fracture either way, and leaving that to chance, rather than appointing one of your buddies to watch over the process is asking for trouble.
  4. You could just say "game bad, feminazis", you know. A good post ends up being sunk by a comparison that's incredibly on the nose and about as subtle as a primal in heat. Seriously though, is it bad that the game doesn't specifically cater to the one gamer type who is catered to in virtually every other type of media, by being taken as the default character? It specifically doesn't feature much in the way of the hyper-masculine caricatures who define themselves through violence and violence only, and that's compensated by a much greater variety of characters, including men. I'm surprised that anyone would consider Reed to be someone to look up to, though, when you have the ED secretary, Phineas, Vicar DeSoto (especially after he gets mellow), Felix, Sedrick Kincannon (a lovable, dashing rogue, if there ever was one), and a slew of other characters who can just as easy be followed/looked up to.
  5. I specifically gathered the closest we have to an official explanation in this article: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/The_Wheel Also, what house said.
  6. It's still called fortepian in Polish. The table-like instrument at any rate.
  7. I actually liked the fact that your actions don't matter to Eothas. He's a natural disaster, an act of god. Your actions don't matter in the face of Eothas any more than they do in the face of an earthquake or a tsunami. He just happens.
  8. https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/The_Wheel I compiled this article for this purpose. Basically, the Wheel is a natural phenomenon - but since it's been subverted by Engwith for two thousand years, it cannot return to its original state. The river parallel is particularly apt, since the Wheel (pre-Engwith) is the same kind of natural phenomenon as a river. Dam it, control it, tame it, and if you break the dam after two centuries of the river being forced down a specific route, it won't return to its original state without outside intervention.
  9. Furrante will roll his eyes, but it won't break his questline if you slaughter the slavers, burn their corpses, and take a **** down every one of their necks.
  10. The Defiance Bay riots that have hordes of bloodthirsty Dyrwoodans take to the streets murdering animancers left and right come to mind. Or Readceran fanaticism. Or arbitrary abductions by the Steel Garrote. Or... You're taking an example of the Huana extant governance struggling to scale up as evidence that the system is unfixable. I'm not a big fan of the Huana caste system, but the broader point here is that the Huana can and will change if they gain access to Ukaizo, their long-lost heritage denied them by Engwithans. That's an excuse if I ever saw one. You're ignoring the fact that this was a an example of a deliberately implemented social system at work, i.e. a local noble ruler preying on the local population with no oversight. It's a fundamental flaw with Dyrwoodan society and governance. Another flaw is the fact that your claim to Caed Nua can be contested by another noble leading to a full-out battle. What happens at Neketaka is not the expected product, because you can (and should) fix it. It's a bug, not a feature. If you want to dismiss it, sure, but then you have to dismiss every society in existence, fictional or otherwise. Note that most of the Mataru and Kuaru aren't even aware of the situation down in the Gullet. Tekehu is a fine example of this ignorance - and ignorance breeds neglect.
  11. I found Pallegina plenty of interesting and nuanced. She has a lot to say and offers much needed perspective on the Republics, which are basically exploiting the Deadfire ruthlessly. She's a good counterpoint to the much less formal Maia, too.
  12. Did you honestly expect a patriot and a loyal soldier to behave any differently on what's basically the frontlines?
  13. Except it's Concelhaut. You do not give things to Concelhaut. Especially god titan things.
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