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  1. Hi there! I have since actually spoken to some others on Reddit and I think I may have a firmer grasp of the quest/Kana's endings than when I made this post. Nothing certain and a lot of my theory will be tested when I actually end up finishing the game XD but it seems things are more in-depth than even I thought!
  2. I hope this isn't too spoilery! I didn't really see this as appropriate for the technical issue forum. Hello everyone. So I recently decided to give Pillars a chance after trying it very briefly several years ago and I'm absolutely hooked. I'm enjoying it immensely! However, I reached the end of Kana's quest and spoiled things a bit for myself by reading ahead and seeing that the dialogue choices affect his epilogue. I'm trying to get what people often call the "progressive" ending. Now I've looked at the table on the wiki entry on this page: https://pillarsofeternity.fandom.com/wiki/Time_and_Tide ...and I know that for that ending to occur, Kana's Truthseeker stat must be equal to or lower than 5 while the wiki shows "Confident, Idealist" greater than or equal to 6. So does that mean that they *both* have to equal 6 or more individually? Or is it a combined value of the two? I've looked over the table several times and my paltry math skills don't see any way to balance keeping Truth low while boosting those traits high, especially since some responses are neutral or negative values... I have also heard that there are other parts of the game where dialogue matters in regards to him, not just this section. If so, then I'm probably spinning my wheels because chances are I've already done something to set him on a path. As it is I am absolutely tearing my hair out because no one seems to have made a guide. Any help would be appreciated!
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