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  1. Alpha Protocol 2, hands down. I loved the first game, beat it five times, and got every achievement. It was a great game, and I think making a sequel would be a great idea since I'm sure you guys have learned a lot from the original. And of course KOTOR 3 would be fantastic. I really don't see why a KOTOR 3 doesn't exist, considering that it's guaranteed to sell well, and you guys already know how to make a great one of those games. Seems like a no-brainer. It's something you guys should really fight for. Lucas Arts might be stubborn at first, but keep the pressure on and they'll come around.
  2. It seems like a no-brainer. Take the things that people liked about the first game (Story, characters, branching), and just solve the blatant technical problems/bad AI, fix some of the combat issues, and ridiculously unfair bosses, and better graphics, you'd have a pretty great game.
  3. Yeah, Angry Joe's review of this game was retarded. In addition to him spamming shots and then complaining about them not hitting, he also at one point says: "If you don't think the combat is broken, start a game on Hard as a Recruit, and select pistols and machine guns. THEN tell me the combat isn't broken!" Yes Joe, if you handicap yourself in every way possible, you'll get wrecked. Recruit is specifically designed to make the game harder, as is Hard mode. You'd have to be an idiot to do that, or at least a very experienced AP player.
  4. Considering I've beaten this game 3 times, gotten every achievement, and enjoyed it immensely, I'll agree. This is old, I realize, but this game deserves more attention. http://www.play-mag.co.uk/features/top-5-m...-far-this-year/
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