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  1. melee take downs and tranqs only and no more than 4 and you should be OK. Just make sure you only take out tthose guards you only have to.
  2. Here is a recap I hope can be useful for most of you. If not, disregard... The email to watch for (I am not talking about the social ones... I am talking about those that can bear fruits! I mean cash or dossiers!) -Mina: DV server reply "suave" and you lose one point with Mina but get $25000 (thank you Hunter on that one!) -Mina: Miss me? reply agressive and she sends you a piece of teh AP dossier. -Mina: Darcy is harassing me reply agressive and she lets you select Westridge, Parker or Darcy as a target for extra intel -Mina: Westridge on the shooting range select either Westridge, Parker or Darcy as atarget for extra intel -Grigori: After the weapon transfer Suave +1 with Grigory Agressive = $15000 Professional = Part of Championchik's dossier those are the ones I compiled so far. If I missed any, let me know. Peace.
  3. Ok I just tackled that achievment. Here are the 3 missions that seem to work well for that purpose. -Bug the Airfield (Saudi) -CIA Listening Post (Rome) -Investigate warehouse district (Taipei) Tips: - DO NOT USE THE NOISE MAKER!!! - have pistol at about level 10 for long range on the Tai Pei run - for Tai Pei, make SURE that you have evasion, shadow and binary or good luck on that one!!! -In Saudi. Either take out the elite guards or go for the flight logs in the basement but do not try both. You need at least one neutralize in the control tower staircase. You have to be ABSOLUTELY invisible. Cannot be spotted at all and you CAN't even neutralize more than FOUR enemies on those missions (that include melee take downs. I tried). Four is ok, five is one too many. SPOILER/BUG/EXPLOIT!!!!! Xbox users, on the Saudi and Tai Pei mission, you can reload after each auto save to make all the NPC you already evaded disappear. Used carefully it can still allow you to collect most loot and complete most objectives.
  4. The ruins would not work. You got that damn fight at the end to protect the antenna. It's actually my problem. Most missions seem to have an unavoidable confrontation built in! Like Nasri I was able to sneak all the way to his doorstep only to realize you can only trigger the cut scene if you neutralize the guards in the octogon. How many guards in there??? You guessed it! FIVE! which means this one is out. Now maybe I am mistaken and by KILL, they mean actual KILL and not takedown. That would make things easier.
  5. I have to say the CIA Outpost is an obvious one (and easy) but what other two missions would you guys recommend for that achievement (while still being able to collect all intel and complete all objectives) and what tactics did you use? I was able to meet the criteria on the airfield mission but at the expense of a couple of side objectives (like killing the elite guards) so it wouldn't get my vote as one of the 3. I am wondering if the warehouse would count as one If you stay hidden and let the russians and agents kill each others! Anyway... Please I could use suggestions
  6. SIE in the medical bay!!! Mike: "Might as well!" On how to make the best of an embarassing situation!!! Mike: "mind untying me?" SIE: " I freed your hands 10 minutes ago.. You were too busy to notice. I'm flattered!" Mike: "There something to be said for experience" and of course Westridge comment after the scene that another poster commented on Also, actually take the time to READ Hecks email on how to by all the land in the US for free. Its a gem!
  7. In one word my friend... OBSIDIAN With Bioware and Bethesda, Obsidian is one of the only company that can get me to PRE ORDER (thats right! not talking about wishee washee 100 reviews reading purchase here!) any game they are gracious enough to put on the market. You'll find that there always will be people to complain about that detail, that glitch of what they could have done better. My acid test is this... Did I have fun playing this company previous titles??? yes. Did they ever disapoint me by releasing a completely lame duck of a game? (the reference to EA is purely circumstencial here! I swear! Don't sue me!) no Enough said... Peace.
  8. Actually checking various perk lists, like the one on wiki, I could not even see those perks mentionned!!! Did Brady make them up or something??? Since you get perks for every aspect of the game it would make sense to see a couple attched to store activities. Can they even be obtained at all on the 360???
  9. Hmmmm like I said before HK-47... Untouchable... Especially in Kotor 2 when you instal the "pacifist" module. I felt out of my chair laughing on that one.
  10. One thing i'd like to mention is that a lot of the Obsidian team are people who used to work for Black Isle, Bioware, Blizzard, you name it... They have an amazing talent pool at that company that have been involved over the years in very high profile RPGs Now let me be blunt. I worship Bioware... They could package the 3 little pigs as an RPG and I would buy just on the company's reputation alone. BUT... I have purchased every game obsidian has released and every time I found that the STORY TELLING, not necessarely the technical aspects, were light years away from the original. Lets compare KOTOR 1 & 2. As a Star Wars fan I can tell you flat out, It felt like playing Episode 4!!! Amnesic nobody turns out to be the forgotten sith lord and saves the day!!! woot woot... (Luke! I am your father! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!). Very entertaining, dramatic, but at the end not that original. With the exeption of the truly EPIC interaction with HK 47! (Best video game character in history IMHO!) Now Kotor 2 started immediately more like watching Empire... You know who you are... An outcast... One who turned its back on the Jedi Order and is thrown back in the fray by a completely devious sith lord due to galactic events... Please do not tell me that malak could hold the candle to Kreia as a nemesis! I loved Kotor. The story line of kotor 2 is what makes me rave (up to this day!) for a Kotor 3! Obsidian seems to be evil geniuses when it come to taking an RPG franchise and "make it better" just out of sheer creative talent in scenario handling and plot twists. So I have to say that Obsidian has now entered a very short list... The list of companies who can sale me a game based on their name only. So far only Bioware and Bethesda had achieved that. I now have to add Obsidian to the list. AP was their first truly original work. As far as I am concerned, even if not perfect, it was still a home run. Peace.
  11. I agree with the original post and the statement that it feels more like a field operative rather than a spy game. I would have loved to see the stealth line attached to specific steath actions or tools rather than the "invisible woman" act. Maybe instead of evasion and shadow operative, the stealth line could have opened action like using swat mirror, fiberoptics or other decoys. it would have made the game even more challenging IMHO. Also true it would have been great to be able to use objects as distractions, hide dispose of bodies and of course aquire disguises. The possibilities included in games like Hitman 47 come to mind instantly. You actually were rewarded for being as discreet as possible and the only way to do this was crazy environment interaction. I still remember fondly the casino contract in hitman when you had to sneak in the cheik room to get his cell number and then seduce a drunken gambler to get the best sniping vantage point! Good times!
  12. Not really, that's depending on your weapon skill (just look at the critcial hit skills to see the duration required). True skill factors in but i ran the test by using different weapons and mods with a blank skill line and I promise you the difference in aquisition time was significant. Worth the money now that's a different story... I completed an entire playthrough with nothing but the beginner pistol with no problem because i was maxing my pistol skill constantly. I agree that skill outperforms gear in that game. the gains are incremental, but they are there.
  13. what is the M1LFLV3R mail??? Also the pissing her off route might be interesting. I always had mina as a friend... can anybody confirm???
  14. I can confirm that one. it's the one when she says Westridge is on the shooting range and no one is watching her. Now that would be enough to complete Darcy's file. For Parker and Westridge it would still leaves you with at least one missing fact so there has to be at least one other instance where she can provide you with intel on the AP Brady Bunch.
  15. This one I noticed on my second playthrough under veteran ( I do not know if it pops up under other scenarios) At the very beginning when you first get you PDA and Mina contacts you, you get some static and you can see the face of the NSA outpost gelato shop owner for a couple of seconds. When put in perspective with what you learn about Mina later, its a nice hint to the fact that the NSA is in fact monitoring your activities from the get go via Mina and your PDA.
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