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  1. maybe like impossible mision not but there are actor who know the art of being an other person (use false mustache, plastic part of faces, wigs...)
  2. More challenging it's not always funny. If you have the possibility to do spectacular thing like... using fireworks to distract the enemy (like in tenchu) it will be funnier than going behind the enemy to perform the K.O. move. They are great but when you have do that more than 25 they are repetitive moves. An other thing: My level of english is not very good but... i postes that the noisy-useless gadget is a s...
  3. -the regular ol' padlocks >There are Electronic padlocks -pointless safes that set off alarms(was there really a purpose to safeguarding $500?) >Probability is high that there was more in it, but you can't carry around a Picasso while shooting people, can you? -having a checkpoint system and then couple that with the tedium of the mini-games, means you get to replay things about 9000000000 times if you truly want no alerts >That's the challenge in it. If you want no alarms, work for it. -respawning enemies if you set off an alarm, even if you've cleared out the ENTIRE ****ing building beforehand >I'll give you that respawning is a bit blunt, but usually there are sealed doors. I assume the reinforcements are stationed there. -endless waves of enemies + bosses...lol that's not good game design, thats a bad excuse, not only that, but couldn't they have thought of a better level design than putting bosses in towers? wtf is this? >Yeah, the endboss was silly, I agree on that one. (Also, it was James Bond-ish, which is a good thing if we want to look at it as an intended pun) The amount of enemies... I'm ok with that, if there were only a janitor with a shovel, it would be... boring. (Or it would be an adventure game, but that's a whole another scale) -enemies being able to shoot through practically anything(ex: I can't shoot through bushes, but they can...gg) >You can shoot through fences, barriers, etc. So I guess you are talking about bushes, actually, which is indeed silly. But I can live with that, that aren't too many bushes in the game anyway. -piss poor cover system, like REALLY piss poor >Worked fine for me, although it seems to be lagging a bit sometimes. -reticle that takes up a good 4 inches on my 40" screen(dumb dumb dumb) >It actually shows you the spread of the weapon. You just failed to understand it's purpose. (dumb dumb dumb) -poor shooting mechanics even for a shooter, let alone an RPG that's all about stats and nothing about shooting >It's not a shooter, it's an RPG/action with shooter elements. At first it's funny, but you can get used to it pretty fast. The shooting mechanism is skill based, not player based (meaning if the character can't give a headshot from 1,5 miles, neither can the player). Once you got used to it, it works fine. Any other questions? In my opinion, the cover sistem is good, not exelent, but still good. You can move the wall to wall, the wall in front of you, shoot without see, cover in a middle wall, open a door being cover... it's not like the supercover system of Gears of Wars, but it's becouse this one is for a gundfight, the Alpha protocol one is for a espionage and more tactic.
  4. I love this game, seriously. In my opinion, the references of rpg (free to choose, new abilities, levels
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