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  1. Confirmed Stability has no effect on Critical aiming time. I have it up to 2seconds through skills on AR, and with a maxed out stability 3-star Samael AR, it still takes.....2 seconds. Scorpion--where does damage fit into your equation there? Noticed you left it out. Are some stats more important for some weapons than others? For example, I would assume recoil to be a bigger factor with SMG's than accuracy since it's a volume of fire weapon.
  2. Stability did seem to have an effect on assault rifles on how much the critical was thrown off by movement. I will test this tonight by taking a UC weapon and a Samael and comparing the times. Do you have to complete the whole 5-strike chain for point blank shot to work? what does it look like so I know if it's successful? Can you do it with any weapon or just pistols?
  3. First post woohooo! Loving this game. Glad I ignored the reviews. Anyway, what does the stability stat for firearms actually DO? I have martial arts upgraded on my MT up to Point Blank Shot, but it never seems to work when in melee combat with an enemy. Is this a bug or is there something I'm not doing that I should know about? I am playing on the XBOX 360
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