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  1. I'd certainly support nerfing Chain Shot + Shadow Operative wholeheartedly. I think that those two abilities are the most obvious examples of gameplay imbalance. I'd be interested in seeing how Shadow Operative and Chain Shot could be toned down so that they aren't gamebreaking. Maybe Chain Shot could function more like Chain Lightning in D&D: each subsequent bullet inflicts progressively less damage.
  2. What do you think could have been done differently in order to make the gameplay of AP more balanced?
  3. Why do you think I went out and bought the game instead of getting it off of Steam?
  4. That never happened to me on ME1, ME2 or AP. But yeah, the Unreal Engine isn't without it's (many) flaws. There is a ME2 bug where Shepard can get 'hooked' on the walls and gets lifted THROUGH THE CEILING. Interestingly enough, it only seemed to happen while I was wearing the Inferno armor.
  5. Oh, thank GOD. I've almost had it with the DRM glitching out and thinking the game is deactivated, causing my main menu to start sounding like someone being used as a pinata/punching bag/stress relief ball. Hopefully they'll address that in the patch. Reducing the stuttering in gameplay that Mike's movements cause would be nice as well.
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