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  1. Err, no thank you. The prospect of having sex with a giant lizard doesn't appeal to me.
  2. For Yahtzee, this is a very positive review. If he didn't like the game, he would focus on its weak points - AI, animations, graphics. Let's face it - AI and animations are really ****ed up. Hell, he could've obliterated the game if he wanted. That's what he does the best. He didn't mention any of these points AT ALL and focused on everything associated with the dialogue system - game's strongest point. Yep. He liked AP.
  3. Here's Yahtzee's review of AP. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/vie...-Alpha-Protocol Hilarious, loved it.
  4. Better animations. Look at Conviction. It's a pleasure to watch Sam effortlessly slide from cover to cover. Conviction had amazing combat, AP2 should have something similar. More clothes and hairstyles. Why can't Mike wear a suit? Better weapon models. A lot of weapons in the game looks unrealistic, especially some shotguns. Ability to write emails, not just answer to them. AI. Need I say more? Sex scenes which don't make you roll your eyes. Look at the sex scene in Mass Effect 2 between Shepard and Miranda. It was nothing hardcore (we don't need that), it was tasteful but
  5. I'm SO getting a negative reputation with her in this playthrough. Leland (about Brayko) : "So, a rouge agent and a mob boss. What could you two possibly talk about?" Mike : "How video killed the radio star."
  6. When I read the name I instantly thought of this : http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=98453199852
  7. He's wearing it (by default) in the ID Al-Jibizraorwhoever mission. I know, but in the trailer he's wearing it in the mission on the yacht.
  8. 00:35 Mike in a tuxedo. OMG WANT! Can you wear it?
  9. Awesome trailer. Sie has the best lines, as always. Only they forgot to mention one little thing...you actually can't pick your clothes in the game. Talk about a misleading trailer.
  10. I love hacking because apart from the other minigames it's actually challenging. You don't know if you're going to succeed.
  11. Hacking? HARD? Bleh. Just because it's more challenging than the usual RPG mini games, doesn't mean it's impossible. After Saudi I had no problems with it and I have only 2 points in Sabotage.
  12. IMHO, the Bourne trilogy sucks. It just doesn't appeal to me. The fact that the cameraman keeps having seizures doesn't help either.
  13. After I read the comments and reviews (particularly the Gamespot review) I lost all hope for AP. Now I've been playing it for 4 hours and CAN'T. STOP. Alpha Protocol is amazing. Dialogue is brilliant and hilarious (especially when Mike is flirting. Oh, the lulz). Game has bugs, sure, but they can easily be ignored. Gameplay is great, there are so many ways to play this game. I love how you actually have to use your head. Replayability factor is over 9000. This game is like heroin for me. Cant...write...must...play....
  14. Seriously? Hacking is not that hard. I completed Saudi, now doing Taipei and hacking is a piece of cake. A bit harder than other minigames but certainly not as hard as people make it out to be.
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