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  1. I am facing them though! thats what is so funny :/ I will attack, facing the enemy, and the character spins around and attacks the opposite direction. Its especially annoying with the rush attack Lucas has :D
  2. Does anyone know how to get my character to return to attacking forward, like it does when you start the game? For some reason my character will get stuck attacking backwards. So he will turn around with enemies infront of him and attack in the wrong direction =p
  3. Flashbang caused him to shoot her every time no matter where I threw it at, or where I threw it from =/ I found that if I waited long enough she eventually gets away for a second, giving me a chance to shoot him with the SMGs thankfully =p
  4. Really? Where should I aim the grenade? I tried a flashbang already but when the grenade got close to the guy he shot her =( Just tried a few more times, failing every time. arg
  5. My character only has SMG and Shot gun skills, and only about halfway skilled. I'm a tech expert so most my skills went into techy. I decided to try and save Madison on this playthrough.. but now I realize I have to do a careful headshot. My SMG and Shotgun are not so great at precision shooting =p Is there anyway to save her with these weapons? Or am I kinda screwed?
  6. Deus Ex visuals Bland and uninspired? Those settings had me in awe when I first played it. Maybe because I played it in 3DFX mode, I do remember the game not looking so good on other cards at the time. Its still my favorite game of all time. I went back and played it recently and it was still great.
  7. Great tips, thanks Tigranes! What do you guys think are the most important values to shop for in SMGs and shotguns? I was thinking small scatter pattern in shotguns... but I have no idea in SMgs. I'm terrible at picking guns
  8. I just did 2 playthroughs as a soldier and spy, soldier using Assault rifle and spy using pistol and melee. I did not realize that those were the 3 best things in the game at the time =p I'm curious now after reading some posts, is it viable to make a shotgun or SMG character? and what would those weapons work best with, tech specialist? Thanks
  9. Good to hear. I haven't had any other bugs but it would be nice to have handlers respond properly to your actions in the Moscow Embassy :D
  10. Haha thats a great picture. In fact, this thread has me wondering where my old Deus Ex CD is. Weird thinking of a game on CDs.
  11. Well I liked the espionage storyline.. the way my character interacted with the story. ( I just wish there was a female option). I also really enjoyed the gameplay, the alternate methods of doing things. Violent or stealthy, or a mix.
  12. Agree, the funny thing was I think it was Feargus from OE in an interview that was giving one of those lectures a few years ago =p
  13. I have a pretty old computer and the game doesn't feel very clunky for me. Well, when I have my firewall on the game runs horribly. So maybe you guys need to disable your firewall? Its smooth for me after that. The save system is my only real gripe, and the game's short length. I love the game otherwise, very fun.
  14. Oo I forgot about Deus Ex. That was almost 10 years ago wasn't it? I loved that game though! Still one of my favorites I'll look at Beyond good and evil. Also, Thanks Unskilled! Splinter Cell is the one I keep hearing about here but I forgot the name :D
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