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  1. Deus Ex visuals Bland and uninspired? Those settings had me in awe when I first played it. Maybe because I played it in 3DFX mode, I do remember the game not looking so good on other cards at the time. Its still my favorite game of all time. I went back and played it recently and it was still great.
  2. Good to hear. I haven't had any other bugs but it would be nice to have handlers respond properly to your actions in the Moscow Embassy :D
  3. Haha thats a great picture. In fact, this thread has me wondering where my old Deus Ex CD is. Weird thinking of a game on CDs.
  4. Well I liked the espionage storyline.. the way my character interacted with the story. ( I just wish there was a female option). I also really enjoyed the gameplay, the alternate methods of doing things. Violent or stealthy, or a mix.
  5. Agree, the funny thing was I think it was Feargus from OE in an interview that was giving one of those lectures a few years ago =p
  6. I have a pretty old computer and the game doesn't feel very clunky for me. Well, when I have my firewall on the game runs horribly. So maybe you guys need to disable your firewall? Its smooth for me after that. The save system is my only real gripe, and the game's short length. I love the game otherwise, very fun.
  7. Oo I forgot about Deus Ex. That was almost 10 years ago wasn't it? I loved that game though! Still one of my favorites I'll look at Beyond good and evil. Also, Thanks Unskilled! Splinter Cell is the one I keep hearing about here but I forgot the name :D
  8. Hello! This is my first modern game I've played so far. I just finished it and must say it was pretty fun and a nice change from the star wars and fantasy games I've played in the past. It felt kinda like the Thief games in modern times which I loved. I have heard some people talking about other games in comparison to this one.. so I am curious if there are any that people would recommend based on me really enjoying AP? Thanks
  9. Its amazing the wide range of problems people have and complaints. I really like the RPG stuff. It felt like a step from ME2 back to ME1 which I liked alot better. It doesn't run as smoothly as ME2, but it still is pretty smooth. I don't think the minor lack of polish in some areas is worth the huge review score drop. The gameplay is very fun, so far the story is interesting for me. I don't think it is an ugly game, it is just a different style. Heck, didn't most reviewers love the different style of Borderlands?
  10. I have a pretty old computer now and the game runs okay for me. I am loving it. I just wish there was a female main character option too. Maybe Michaela
  11. Finally getting used to it. Thanks guys. The blurring your eyes thing works amazingly well for some reason haha :D On the mouse part, I just have to over exaggerate my mouse movements to get it where I want it for some reason. Though once when the code was way at the bottom, I ran out of screen to move my mouse =/
  12. I'm still in the tutorial failing the hacking game haha. It is why I came to the forum right now I can get the left side locked fine and fast with the keyboard controls. I can't get the mouse to go the direction I want it to at allll.. Maybe I need to change my mouse sensitivity settings?
  13. You've been on the T-G forums long enough to know that is patently false. People have been calling this mod dead, the team a bunch of posers and the community a bunch of deluded fanboys for years now, even when the team actually communicated on a semi-regular basis. The negativity came first, then Dashus left the public eye, not the other way around. On top of that, your "threat" was completely unnecessary. If the team were unable or unwilling to continue working on the mod, they would release what they had already done. This has always been the "contingency plan" and Dash's lack of public
  14. Looks like it's the final stage. 1.0b11 build was recently released, which means only one (1.0b12) is left till the public release (build 1.0c1). Dashus is working now on fixing all the game serious (game-crashing) bugs that prevent the mod from being released They should probably just call it Team-Dashus at this point. Sad most the team has quit on him.
  15. Oh! Of course that was it , no game really runs well without those. I almost never suggest those as a fix because I thought they were pretty much standardly installed right after windows is.
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