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  1. Certain developers really do deserve the money though and I think Obsidian is one of them. Sega on the other hand.. deserve far less. I do not regret buying Alpha protocol, its still a great game despite what people say but it could have been alot better. Then there are games like Mafia 2, also a great game, cut to pieces.. I bought it. It wasnt worth the full price I payed for it, even though I got it cheap.. but I still bought it. Rushing a game, or cutting it up and selling pieces of it as dlcs(ex. mafia 2), alternatively weapon packs (ex. just cause 2) or hey lets not care about
  2. I thought you lived in France and not in some 3rd world country where 30-60 euros is actually a lot of money. As for what comes to paying for things that are bad or don't work... There are these things called gaming mazines (you prolly steal them from stores since one article they published was bad) or even free sites than you can use to read game reviews. Voila, no more money wasted on inferior products. And you could just resort to playing on consoles. No more hardware issues causing games work badly. And what comes to your superior logic, I think Kirottu covered it quite well. 3
  3. Dropped a tweet to Chris. woffen@ChrisAvellone Know anything about the real alpha protocol patch? The one released doesnt work for most people and aint THE patch I hope. ChrisAvellone@woffen Checking with SEGA to see what's up. Lets hope we get some information.
  4. One problem is of course, that its only for US retail. Im sure we will get a proper patch in.. oh.. hopefully sometime.. next year.
  5. This is very much a matter of perspective. Its only awkward and clumsy if you look at it from a shooter perspective. Not from a classic rpg perspective. If you try to play it in the normal shooter way of course the gunplay will feel flawed and awkward. Of course it could be improved, but I dont think removing the stats would do AP any justice.
  6. The only dev that has posted here as far as I can recall has been some guy that is/was on the team for the cinematics.
  7. If you chose to send it to scarlet, then sure. You can also take into account selling various gold plated weapons that you might get from killing people.
  8. Im damn happy that the game is nothing like Splinter Cell, because that would be plain boring. Dont take me wrong, I love splinter cell, but If I wanted gameplay like that I can simply play.. splinter cell. And the game encourages shooting? Huh? It is very clear that it encourages stealthy gameplay right from the start. As a matter of fact, its very easy to play the first part of the training without even firing a single shot. Even in Saudi Arabia, stealthing through most of the missions is not that hard. Sure, Alpha Protocol has bossfights, so what? Alpha Protocol is more rpg th
  9. Halliburton/ Bechtel seems almost certain to be the inspiration for the name. So yeah, basically the Bush administration (ohohoho). So who would be the GwB of Alpha protocol? Marburg? Leland? The Gelato Shop guy?
  10. In my opinion if it is - MyDocuments.. config files would be overwritten (values I mean). AFAIK they're not - even without making them read only. I need some good program for measuring files activity. Anyone knows one? Unfortunately neither debug, console or log aren't working in AP. Thanks zkylon. I hope this community as a whole is going to inspire devs from Obsidian to continue their work on improving Alpha Protocol. That game deserves proper treatment and continued development (DLCs, add-ons, patches, modding tools and - ultimately a sequel)... Although some settings seem
  11. Just curious.. is it possible that some settings in the apgame config files are overridden by the default config files?
  12. While I dont agree with you, its your game and you play it the way you want to.
  13. I run in windowed mode just so the game doesnt lock up every time I want to alt+tab. That makes the lock picking game rather frustrating sometimes
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