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  1. Yes and no. You do realize I was comparing the two portraits, right? Oh my god. You actually brought up the Bogdanoff into this. The conflict between the two facets of her duty (obedience to the Ducs vs. working toward the best interest of the Republics) was unmistakable, as was the fact that she was a Godlike and this universe's version of an atheist. If it's a retcon, it's one a mostly enjoy, especially the fact that the feathers stand out a lot more on her brow.
  2. The straight nose and lighter skin just aren't right. That edit is just as bad as the others.
  3. The reason it's implemented in this brute force way is because doing a specific UI or system specifically for retraining would be very costly for little to no gain. The current system is just a re-purposed leveling screen. Weapon Proficiencies have been moving away from the BG model for years now, no longer are fighters the class who can get really, really good at using one specific weapon. Instead they have active abilities and they can get better at their weapons of choice than other classes. And I'm sorry, but multiple weapons who can't be used by all classes and have their profic
  4. The main problem with priests and druids spells is that you had access to all of them at all times. So you spend time in every fight trying to find the spell perfect for that very situation or if you're in a tight spot you go through all of them to see if one can save your bacon and it's exhausting. It felt like Obsidian got lazy when it came to the spell system for druids and priests in PoE : they just took the spontaneous casting from D&D and said "Let's do that, but with no drawbacks!". Reading all of this, it feels like Obsidian has hit a snag called "class-based character syst
  5. I don't think so. The main instance I can thing of in which Liches were connected to necromancy and cold is Warcraft 3, and that was because their creator just so happened to be stuck in a frozen throne in the coldest part of the world.
  6. I must say, when we heard about the change to multi-classing, I was expecting that we would still be able to choose freely one of the two classes for the companions, and from what Josh has said in the stream, I'm not sure I was wrong to think so. It seems that they wanted to create an interface to "force" the player to make a choice when recruiting each companion and that this interface proved to be more difficult than anticipated to build, hence why we will only have three choices per companion now, with three being the optimal number so as to accommodate those companions who could choose bet
  7. There were hard limits on the number of camping supplies you could carry. Are you saying that has been removed for food? I was specifically thinking about food items, heh. I don't know if the camping supply limit has been removed or not., and I think someone said camping supplies still exist. @judas varnas: Injuries weren't removed, they're basically the same as in PoE1. As for per rest, they were exchanged for per-encounter, but you have fewer spell charges per encounter. The one thing that is per rest though are the empowers as they only get replenished after rest. Injuries will
  8. It's so that you google them up and ask yourself "Wait, aren't those two dudes?" But seriously, if anyone's a fan of either property (Naruto for Yakushi Kabuto, Valkyria Chronicles for Lezard Valeth), I really don't think the similarities with the first sketch of Ydwin are going to be lost on them. They're all sort-of mad scientists too!
  9. Oh please, the original image was completely anime, as someone else here said, she was the spitting image of Yakushi Kabuto and Lezard Valeth!
  10. Wizards were still limited to four spells of each level by combat though, unless they switched grimoires. Priests and druids could use their whole spell arsenal in every fight (what I call a Favored Soul without the drawbacks). Pillars' wizard was already a D&D Sorcerer, but stronger. With those changes in PoE 2, they've basically become Sorcerers though.
  11. What about localization? Can a small american outfit like Versus Evil can help localize the game in as many languages as Paradox did?
  12. I know there is another one at Obsidian. I can't remember whom exactly, but she's often included whenever Josh talks cheese, or he re-tweets her whenever she talks about cheese.
  13. It seems that Winsconsin people have a fascination for cheese akin to that of the French. Is it known as the Dairy State or something?
  14. You don't need three. Much like the Spires in the Stone Sea, the two rubbings for that Spire make up one side of the picture, and the codes are always symmetrical. I distinctly remember that fact being spelled out for one of the Stone Sea Spires, I can't remember if the same was true for the one in Lethian Crossing.
  15. I remember cursing them in the final Soviet mission.
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