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  1. I was checking most of them already. Haven't been fiddling with UDK much since, as I'm quite busy right now in RL. Problem with licensed UE3 is, that every new game can introduce special "protection" for .upk files which prevents them from opening/unpacking. So, every game build on licensed UE3 is having different header in .upk (you can check it via any hex editor). I've seen some info on upcoming patch, so there's hope that the most wanted fixes will be applied. For now - try .ini fixes posted in this and other threads. We'll see what we might achieve after the patch...
  2. I don't think so. I use one of those tweaks to remove stutters but I had this problem on my first runthrough as well (where I hadn't changed the ini). It's textures clipping on low-lod models. Might have something to do with really low draw distance. You may try this: open your APEngine.ini and try to alter values to what I'm showing below: MinTextureDensity=1.0 if that doesn't help, move further down and try these: SkeletalMeshLODBias=-1 TEXTUREGROUP_PC_2048__X_2048__PS3_2048=(MinLODSize=1,MaxLODSize=2048,LODBias=-1,MinMagFilter=aniso,MipFilter=point) TEXTUREGROUP
  3. Depends who you call fanboy, though. Seeing flaws and pointing them out differs from stating game features as "flaws" and repeating your point of view 300 times just to defend it. AP isn't a perfect game (and haven't seen perfect game yet) but trying to turn RPG into shooter isn't the way to improve it. But stripping it from stat driven gameplay removes "tactical" approach of balancing your gameplay - which would turn the game into another shooter, but with some rich story. I don't play RPGs because of their sophisticated story, and I neither play shooters because they lack one. I
  4. And still they're getting tons of bashing for weapons being inaccurate, crippled AI, and all that bullcrap casual gamers (and unfortunately huge part of gaming journalists are casuals imho- it doesn't matter how many games you play in a week but how you play them) are complaining and whining about. OPF: Dragon Rising wanted to please both audiences and failed badly on both fronts (pun not intended). You can't make both of these worlds happy. Casual is all about visuals, fancy cinematic and shortest and least engaging gameplay possible - to have a chance of finishing borrowed game du
  5. I don't know, Nepenthe, but Bulletstorm looks dumb and fun. And since it's from the Painkiller devs (People Can Fly), it's totally expected. Agree. What's more - dumb games are needed to draw idiots away from complaining on intelligent games forums.
  6. Depends if "broad appeal" and pleasing the group which isn't the "main customers target" for the game is a good thing. I think not - but it's only my personal opinion - and I'm well aware that it doesn't pair with "commercial success". Look what happened with ME2, CoD series, Splinter Cell, Deus Ex 2 etc. All these "established" titles started changing to be understood by the wider audience than they had. To get out of the boundaries of "hardcore gamers ghetto". Sure, from financial point of view it's a good thing, but if that happens to be the only aim for making games - watching s
  7. It is a quality production. On its own rights. You got what you've paid for - an espionage RPG, with rich story, levelling, multiple character builds, good voice acting, interesting mechanics. More? Yes, there are some slight glitches which should be definitely ironed out in upcoming patch - but show me a single piece of software released without any bugs... Oh.. Unless you wanted to eat bananas but by mistake you bought some apples. But then it's your fault and it has nothing to do with apples quality, neither the orchard owner's lack of knowledge or talent.
  8. Yeah, but it all melts down to agreements between developers and distributors. And, especially with Activision and SEGA - list of don't and do's is pretty long afaik. Whatever you might say - for now only EA introduced more freedom in how developers want to manage their contacts with community - hence so many responses from devs in DA:O forums. Thanks goes to Joseph for showing us, that at least some members of Obsidian are reading these forums. I hope we get official response from both SEGA and Obsidian soon.
  9. Answer to your problems is quite simple, Dan. Don't like it? - don't play it. Knowing so much about game design and what should done to be right, what's the best and where's the truth about perfect game experience you shouldn't be wasting your time on these forums. You know what? I have an idea: you should be designing your own game! There's even full engine waiting for you to use! So download your copy of Unreal Development Kit - it's easy to use, ready for your brilliant and ground breaking ideas to became truth! Ah - and don't forget to inform us how is it going and give us s
  10. Nice find Tigranes! It's good you confirmed it working. BTW: do you think we could get some sub-forum for mod related subjects only? As I think it might be worth it in long run. Just an idea, anyway. @Zoraptor after thinking about gear prices... There's a lot of "DefaultValue" and "BlackmarketValue" along with some modifiers all over the place. I'm considering changing those (or taking your "nuke from the orbit" method) and starting new game to see is there any direct link or they're obsolete/archive files. Maybe there's a chance that they're somehow compiled into binary packs (saves or
  11. If I would want to play Splinter Cell - I would play it. And not Alpha Protocol. What's wrong with gameplay being similar to whatever? Lack of creativity. And creativity is some really rare gem in gaming industry these days. That's why I prefer games being innovative over clones of the same old sh**t. Game creation is an art, in case you don't know that, and like every art - should evolve and search for different routes of expression... (unless you still want to play Pong as a "only real" action game, or Wastelands as "only real" RPG) As I said - this reasoning leads to stagnatio
  12. Not really if those would be "fast fire rate - cheap ammo" option. Depends on balancing stuff, really.
  13. I was checking upk files too. What I think, there's a lot of unused files - probably leftovers or backup stuff from development process. Files which are used for 100% are the ones stated in APEngine.ini. There's a list of caching priority (called cooking in Unreal Engine for some reason). Now - if something is in ini file (like equipment stats for example), there have to be an unique name for it, and cross reference in packed files. That's the key I'm using for searching stuff - but it takes a tad longer than two minutes, though. The best thing would be if some gifted programmers fro
  14. It's not "for some reason". It's the way how your brain try to approach the problem. With your eyes wide open your brain is trying to match fast changing numbers to the code you want to find. When you "blur" your eyes - instead of infinite code matches - brain is only trying to find darker spots in the pattern. It's how you reduce amount of "data" available for your "processor" to calculate "variables"...
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