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  1. Reg1.1

    Disabling Bloom

    Tired to do the same, failed, also some other options in the ini also mess up the game.
  2. I have an idea, why not everyone tell us how exactly they are going, because most people play with an archetype, so why not upload saves after this section with that archetype, say the stealth/pistol/martial arts that is friends with everyone and very professional. Also I will upload mine soon, do not have much time to play.
  3. You can stop checking, I overestimated my free time, will upload tommorow.
  4. Issue resolved. It seems that a skilled agent, when posed with an obstacle, must look into the dark abyss of secrets and lies that is his soul, so that the path may materialise and the way be shown to him.
  5. After espionage orientation, when doing the extra objective, after I climb up the stairs where the first camera is I walk into a room, where there is a door I need to walk through, behind that door is the endless abyss and I fall out of the level. Any ideas how to fix this?
  6. Please, can you check the thread rather often, because I reinstalled my game and deleted the save, started a new one this morning, but didn't get anywhere with it. I will get there as fast as I can and upload the save, please, please let this work.
  7. The Preffered route is: Taipei Rome Moscow Simply because of the urgency of the situations, while you have contacts to search up on in Rome and Moscow, there is an assassiantion going on in Taipei, thus making it the most urgent place to go, for fear that while you are hacking in Rome Sung get's shot. Atleast that makes logical sence, plus, no plotholes if you do it like this, and everything fit's very nicely.
  8. Or maybe Mina just draws some funds from there to cover up some things that you've done or earese security logs and stuff like that, and draws those funds from your account, because AP agency would ask her what they are for, and when she can't actually explain, and any reason she gives is without proof, she will get caught, so she takes some of your money for that.
  9. I have, but the game ran all around better, without a hitch, so I have doubts that it's that. Maybe the intel thing Orthae mentioned.
  10. I woudln't mind getting all the cut content into the game.
  11. Paying for transportation to get you back to the safehouse maybe. Travelling Xpensive.
  12. Ok, downloading a torrent of the game and will see if that makes this damned section work.
  13. Reg1.1

    Jerky mouse fix

    Borderlands runs fine and has streaming as well, and has to stream so much more in comparrison, and on my crap rig, that has so little po-in, while AP has always on pop-in.
  14. I have posted the problem numerous time, sent an IM to a developer and yet nothing has been said on what to do to fix this issue. On the second part of this mission, when IDing bothe the prostitute and Peter van der Graaf, I get the data transmited, but Mina says nothing, the sniper stays locked on to the target forever, and the game can no continue from there. I have reloaded saves/ reinstalled the game/ shot everyone/ reinstalled windows/ played a new game up to the same point to no avail, the issue persists and I want to know what Obsidian is going to do about it, because I payed my hard earned money for this game, waited for it for years and know I can not play it, because of a bug. Someone please help, this is driving me nuts.
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