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  1. I'm not sure if I went full stealth or not but when I finished the "bug Al-Samad airfield" mission in Saudi Arabia Mina praised me for not alerting anyone.
  2. Well then I'm not sure. I just started a new game and did one of the first missions. Here's a link to the image. It's not very clear but it's the last line. http://img168.imageshack.us/img168/7340/0603002048.jpg It says the total money earned from the mission is $33,500 but when I go to the clearinghouse I only have $29882. Do they take into account the ammo and other items I pick up?
  3. I'm a little confused. I'm not getting the amount of money it says I was rewarded on the post mission screen. For example, I think one of the missions says I was rewarded $50,000 but when I go to the clearinghouse I don't have that much. Am I missing something?
  4. Who are on board the Ebon Hawk at the beginning of the game(prologue)? I know there's T3-M4, Kreia, that other astromech droid, HK, who else? Who was the pilot? Was the person you got the flametorch(or whatever it's called) in the morgue on the Ebon Hawk?
  5. I think as you become more powerful you can talk to Kreia again and she'll adjust it for you.
  6. So I've played several games, haven't finished any yet, and can't seem to find a way to really complete the bounty from Gren to find the two escaped convicts. I know that you have to see them talking to Jana Lorso, and you should see them on the Telos' surface close to the droidmaster after passing the minefield. The problem is, I've only met them once there. In my other games, once I didn't see them talking to Jana Lorso, and the other times they talked to Jana Lorso, but I didn't meet them on Telos. Is there a sure way to trigger this? Also, are they supposed to drop a
  7. My question wasn't about Batu. My question was about the two fugitives you are supposed to track down. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I know. I was talking to someone else. The two fugitives you find on Telos' surface before you reach the woman with her two droids. She says something like, "My droids will take care of you!"
  8. You should see them before you reach the woman with her two droids.
  9. That's Batono. Batu is the guy who tried to kill you when you first arrived on Citadel Station. It turns out he was an imposter who wants to kill you for the bounty. I would have thought you could find out more about the real Batu on Nar Shaddaa.
  10. So as soon as you land on Citadel Station and are locked up in holding cells, someone tries to kill you. He was posing as Batu. I talked to Gren later and he wants me to find the "real" Batu. I traced the fake Batu to Nar Shaddaa. Will I find anything regarding the "real" Batu there?
  11. I think Lucas Arts already has someone working on it. What do you think?
  12. Maybe they could have it so the party members you aren't using at the time aren't holed up on the Ebon Hawk all the time. If you're on a planet, the other members would be off doing what they want on the planets. Maybe Atton could have been in the cantina or playing pazaak, for example.
  13. Not a tv series, but books or graphic novels If they can write fiction about Halo and Brute Force, why not KOTOR? Maybe it could be about the exile during the time between the Mandalorian Wars and The Sith Lords.
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