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  1. If you want tier 3 pistols, side with g22. If you want assault rifles, side with vci.
  2. Definitely affects hacking minigames big time. On normal, at level 12, alarms were easy to hack. On hard, at the same level, they are impossible.
  3. I finished (on Hard) Moscow and 1/2 of Rome. Except for UC Timberwolf, there are no lvl3 ARs. When are you they coming, if at all?
  4. This is after one playthrough with a stealth pistol char, now playing soldier on hard (1/3 done), so take it with a grain of salt. AR, Toughness, Technical maxed. 2 levels of Sabotage for Breaking and Entering. 5 levels of Stealth for Master Awareness. The rest in CQC. Equips: Level 3 AR with 4 accuracy/stability mods sacrificing some mag size (thinking of Samuel AR for max benefits to stability, which also negates lower mag size issue.) Silenced pistol/tranq rounds without skill investment for stealth missions/friendly infiltration missions. Advanced Utility Armor with all damage resistance mods - 15+10+10+5% damage resistance, +10 endurance, -2 stealth. Additional armor mods for specific situations: Ammo Netting to start with more ammo, Printed Circuit mods for easier hacking, Digital Camo mods for easier sneaking. Level 3 med kits.
  5. acrh2

    Jerky mouse fix

    They probably are overwhelmed or just decided not to do much. Consider how much of a consolized port this game is, and how much work it would require: I just started a second playthrough on Hard specializing in Assault Rifles, only to find out that the main AR skill is nearly useless when you play with a mouse. It's actually detrimental to aiming with a mouse.
  6. Only played one playthrough, but I think I've seen the possibilities of choice. In most of the recent action rpg games, this one stands out as an RPG. You make moral decisions, and you reap the consequences. Overall, one of the best RP games of the last 5 years. At least, in the RP department.
  7. acrh2

    Jerky mouse fix

    They've crept back for me too. Managed that first "Bug the Airbase" mission fine but the next one where you go underground and upload some data has been really sketchy. Time for another thread about that mission though, it's got completely different problems as well as the stuttering. I noticed this too. In the last few missions (last Rome and the final mission), there's momentary mouse lag. I'm guessing that the map designers didn't optimize their "streaming materials" for the last few missions. The mouse jerkiness was fixed, but excessive load of textures was still there, resulting in some general framerate drop. Nevertheless, I've reloaded some older missions, and they were mostly smooth as butter. I'm pretty much done investigating the quirks of the Unreal Engine. At this point, Obsidian needs to step up to the plate...
  8. Cooldown mods: Adrenal Regulator - 45->40 sec Adrenal Optimizer - 45->39 sec Underlay Fitting - 45->43 sec All 3 together - 45->32 sec Improved Digital Camo, detection distance(with Master Concealment, while crouching, rough ballpark numbers from eyeballing it): no mod, 0 degrees(face-to-face) - 10 m with mod, 0 degrees(face-to-face) - 8m no mod, 45 degrees, partially covered by a wall corner - 8m with mod, 45 degrees, partially covered by a wall corner - 4m
  9. The only problem seem to be with bullet impact sounds shot by the player. They seem to originate at the player location, and not where bullets hit.
  10. There's a way to enable 5.1 (though the sounds/settings in game aren't optimized for it, too much reverb, but still much better than stereo) for people with either winxp or vista/7 and Creative Alchemy. In Winxp, the fix should work straight up, though I haven't tested it. In Vista/7, one has to enable Alchemy for the game first. In APEngine.ini (C:\Users\username\Documents\Alpha Protocol\APGame\Config), change the following setting: under [ALAudio.ALAudioDevice] change to make it look like this: DeviceName=Generic Hardware
  11. acrh2

    Jerky mouse fix

    And the final fix: OneFrameThreadLag=False in the same file. This should fix all mouse issues, it seems.
  12. acrh2

    Jerky mouse fix

    (The mouse handling is still pretty broken in the game. As soon as the framerate in game drops below MaxSmoothedFrameRate, mouse becomes very jerky.) This fix addresses the issues for people who already improved their jerky mouse issue by lowering MaxSmoothedFrameRate. Asset (textures and other things) streaming makes the game drop the framerate severely in certain spots on the map. This fix works by minimizing the streaming, so the framerate and consequently the mouse are much more stable and smooth. In APEngine.ini (C:\Users\username\Documents\Alpha Protocol\APGame\Config), change the following settings: UseBackgroundLevelStreaming=false OnlyStreamInTextures=true This made the game almost entirely jerky free for me at MaxSmoothedFrameRate=62, but I do have a very high end system. (I also changed some cache size values in the same file, but I'm not sure that they are needed.)
  13. acrh2

    Bug with ammunition

    You can only carry a small portion of your ammo on a mission. Armor upgrades like Ammo Pouch allow to carry more. You get a set minimum (for example, w/o upgrades, 100/50 pistol normal/tranq bullets), plus whatever is in your gun from a previous mission.
  14. I wanted to postpone the final Moscow mission, because Surkov was selling suit upgrades I needed, and I didn't have the money. (Also, I decided I was going to kill him, and the upgrades would then be gone.) So I went and finished Taipei. Some time later, I realized that the final Moscow mission was no longer available. I could still travel to Moscow, but there were no more missions available there. Does this mean that Surkov escaped, and I'll never be able to do that mission in this playthrough? (btw, you can get high-end upgrades for free later in the game, just by looting in missions.)
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