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  1. Trust me, the DRM is the least of your worries. Once you get it up and "running" you'll see exactly what I mean.
  2. If that doesn't work and your reputation with Steam is relatively long-standing/you've bought a lot of games from them then you may be able to blag a refund. They're usually very reasonable if you deal with them directly and sensibly. Again, a good track record helps a lot.
  3. ... legitimate customers actually finding it necessary to consider a cracked .exe. good job obsidian. my solution? get a refund. most places don't accept PC refunds so the next solution is to enjoy your expensive coaster. i'm sorry for your loss.
  4. The same way that almost every major video game release ever makes it past the gates with annoying bugs. At least this one doesn't stop most people from playing the game, like in some other releases. You may want to re-read my post. I pointed out that "PC Gamers typically expect an acceptable level of bugs when a game is released". The bugs ARE stopping people from playing the game. Hence the decision to make the OP. People are running into "showstoppers" left, right and centre so don't palm me off with the whole "but it's a new release" excuse which I succinctly addressed in the OP. Again, re-read my post.
  5. This is obviously a rather nonspecific thread in that it does not relate to one specific issue, however I feel it contains legitimate questions and criticism. If it's deemed inappropriate or descends into flames (it's the internet after all) then do with it as you will. I'm genuinely curious about the QA when it comes to Alpha Protocol. PC Gamers typically expect an acceptable level of bugs when a game is released and do not mind editing in little fixes and tweaks, flushing out old drivers etc. Most PC users understand that the vast array of hardware configurations make it impossible for software to run absolutely perfectly out of the box. There's no real point expanding on this because I'm just repeating common knowledge. My main question - which will likely go unanswered but hopefully not unread - is did anyone actually playtest the PC version? A stupid question because they must have. So how did a major issue like the poorly implemented streaming affecting mouse performance make it past the gates? Am I to believe all the PC playtesters used gamepads? What about the ridiculous mouse control in the hacking minigame that treats the mouse as an analogue stick? How did noone notice this? Texture pop-ins on a PC. Really? I like to break games and make unintended things happen because I find it funny. It's a challenge and a "meta-game" if you will. Silly ragdoll stuff or accidentally falling into a skybox when glitching up a sheer cliff. Stuff you have to go out of your way to do and noone's really going to find it unless they look for it. Unfortunately with Alpha Protocol it breaks before you can even really play it and not in a quirky, unexpected one-off way. It does it constantly. Playing normally and "as intended". That isn't fun. I took down a guard with my stealthy guy today. Another patrolling guard walked practically over the body and did nothing. Just carried on walking his wonky, jerky walk. The AI (on hard no less) and animation is frankly embarrassing. Why was this game so rushed? Likely rhetorical, it's usually down to bad project management. Please patch it, there's a glimmer of a good game in there somewhere and it's always a shame to see something people have poured their time into over a period of several years get slated.
  6. Replicated this issue multiple times with edited .ini files (for mouse stutter fix) and with clean, original .ini files. Worth noting mouse stutter has made triumphant return on this mission despite previously working fixes. The checkpoint in question is at the double gates just before you go outside to take out the RPG soldiers so the chopper can land. If you take out all the RPG soldiers but then die from assault rifle fire and use the "Reload Last Checkpoint" feature, no enemies will spawn and the next sequence won't trigger. The chopper will hover in a random position over the base and the objective indicator will remain by the double doors. "Manually" loading the autosave or a save you've made yourself works fine, although the enemies seem to spawn in more random locations. This is, like most posts in this forum, a bug report rather than a request for assistance. The mission is possible to complete.
  7. They've crept back for me too. Managed that first "Bug the Airbase" mission fine but the next one where you go underground and upload some data has been really sketchy. Time for another thread about that mission though, it's got completely different problems as well as the stuttering.
  8. Please read this thread for a fix for the mouse stuttering issue.
  9. Excellent work, this seems to have completely fixed the mouse stuttering issue. Thanks!
  10. Engine and Mouse Issues Mouse stuttering when loading assets (already talked about in other threads). Lowering framerate caps and adjusting other such .ini settings can mask the problem somewhat but this is obviously unacceptable as a long-term solution. Mouse Issues Behaves like a controller analogue stick when doing the hacking minigame which makes it almost impossible. To explain further, you have to move the mouse a lot to make the right-hand code move even one space. This is because the game is clearly designed for controllers and is treating the mouse input as it would an analogue stick. Sound Issues No 5.1 support. As an aside this is constantly an issue with console->PC ports, not just Alpha Protocol. --- These are the only issues I've encountered so far. Understandably, I won't be starting the first mission until there's a fix/patch for the stuttering issue.
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