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  1. Or maybe Mina just draws some funds from there to cover up some things that you've done or earese security logs and stuff like that, and draws those funds from your account, because AP agency would ask her what they are for, and when she can't actually explain, and any reason she gives is without proof, she will get caught, so she takes some of your money for that.
  2. I woudln't mind getting all the cut content into the game.
  3. Paying for transportation to get you back to the safehouse maybe. Travelling Xpensive.
  4. Worth a shot to see if I turn off subtitles.
  5. Sounds weird, hope that someone manages to help you, bu atleast you passed the game once. Yes it's about the Chetaue, I payed good money for this game and can't even play it.
  6. Atleast you guys can pass that stupid Chateaue in Rome. >_<
  7. Fix the Cheteaue glitch the makes the game lock up and never able to continue.
  8. *Mouse movement lags the game. *Glitchy/jerky mouse when using sniper/turret. *Loading checkpoint makes enemies disapear. *Randomly dialogue does not play properly. *Falling through level and into skybox when doping from ledge. *The Cheteau mission in Rome not progressing as it should, and stopping any game progress. *Numerous activation and DRM issues. *Timers, dialogue text, models and textures not appearing correctly. *Massive lag when purchasing from Clearinghouse. *Skills either not working or not working as intended. *Vital NPC not starting dialogue sequence. These are the ones I can remember at the moment.
  9. Well not really, given the fact that nothing like this has happened till now, and I did pass the first area, and it's not only me having this problem.
  10. Ahead of you, started a new game just for this reason, did same things up to the point, again to no avail, windows was reinstalled a day before I got the game as well, already did the entire delete, shut down, install shut down play and the I shut down because I couldn't pass it. I have done everything and it is still like this, it is a problem in the game, possibly due to the fact that I have a very low end system, the game runs at a stable 15-20 FPS though nad has not given me much trouble up untill this point.
  11. Posted there, it's day two since post, no one has responded.
  12. The minigames are by far the smalles of the concerns when it comes to AP. By no margin a bad game, just with many issues.
  13. PC version Mission: The Jibril ID mission in Rome. Problem: When point sniper at either prostitute or van der Graf person, Mina does not speak, sniper stays locked on the persons head forever. When try and shoot everyone, it says objective complete and nothing happens, game stays on the same area and does not progress. Any way you look at it, game is stuck there and there is nothing I can do to progress in it any longer. No other missions I can atm, only one.
  14. You should all be happy that you can even play your game, some of us are stuck on the ID mission in Rome with no hope to ever pass it, because of glitches and bugs. Also yes, another hub with more missions would be wonderful, as would more weapons.
  15. Agreed, though the stealth armor looked passable, I do not want to look like a lowlife thung, but it would be nice to have the option, for all the "gangsta" kidies.
  16. Strong community is in the making, though we still need some tools from Obs, at the very least a patch to get things going with making the game better.
  17. Be happy you can play it . Stuck on the Rome Chateaeu mission because of the stupid glitch.
  18. Just as I thought, I know that Obsidian aspire to quallity, this (if true) just proves that the game industry needs to take it's head out of it's ass.
  19. Good review, a little biased, but it is expected, overall it shows that you took time to analyse the game for what it does, you are giving it a bit of layway, but it's ok, good, objective oppinion.
  20. Actually, due to a slow PC, I often have to restart the lock picking minigame, because the picks move so slow as compared to the mouse and the time just isn't enough if the first tumbler is long, so I only use EMPs for craking safes, because they start an alarm if you right-click out of the mini-game. Acing every other minigame with ease.
  21. Actaully it is because the developer is just not among the top in the industry, having done a lot of game reviews, and stopped doing it, because the boss said, you can't give this game such a bad review, it's from BioWare. I was reviewing Dragon Age, praised it for what it did right, and layed out what it did wrong, not a bad review, I still think the game is quite good, but no game is perfect, save for a few niche classics, that don't offer that much, but do what they do perfectly. Reviews tend to put down a game because it's not what they expected also, instead of reviewing it for what it is, they review it for what it is not. This is why I constantly say the Obsidian needs to look at other games with the elements of AP, because it can do what it does so much better, it's not Splinter Cell, but it can be much better than it with a bit of more work put into it.
  22. We are in an age of gaming where the only innovation and progress that can be made is through combination and refininf, unless someone actually listens and makes a good motion control system. Thus we get more and more hybrids, some good, most of them, bad, AP is among the good ones, although it does not combine them in a way that fits with todays standards, if it had come out when it was done ( Yes SEGA it is all your fault ) it would have been the benchmark for it's time, but this is what happens when a publisher tries to help the game, fail ( not that AP is fail, just a case in point ) . Hopefully for AP2 we can have the good amalgamation of mechanics that was expected for AP (no that the ones we have are bad per say, it's just that there are games which do it's individual elements better, and not by a little ) .
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