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  1. I plan on doing a stealth/sabatoge based character with chainshot so I am not so much worried about the average guys in the level, shadow op will easily take care of them. The only thing that should even be an issue would be the bosses but having chainshot with brilliance i am thinking will make those fairly routine as well
  2. I am just starting my hard playthrough with a vet (I know its a little cheap but I dont care) and I was curious how this compares to ME2 insanity? What I have have heard there shouldn't be any problem because of chain shot but just wanted some input.
  3. No not to you sorry I wasn't clear. I was talking about the OP's point of how he was told he received 50000 but had no where near that much. The most logical answer is he/she had the same issue I did of experiencing an extra 0 added to the rewards amount
  4. I might be willing to buy two copies of AP if I knew it would lead to a sequel. It is a MUST buy for me if it happens
  5. From what I have noticed, there is a glitch where an extra 0 is added to the amount of reward money. I have seen it happen about 3 or 4 times now so that is likely the issue that you are having
  6. I had the perks, but was not using the gear. I would be disappointed if it was too easy to complete on hard. I would however appreciate it being possible when that is exactly the type of situation that my character is built and specialized for. I have yet to be able to beat an 11 or 12 node bypass with a 20 second timer. Similarly, those hacks are maddening with sluggish PC controls, especially when you have to complete two hacks within a time limit. Havent played the PC version but have heard that it is harder to control. Might sound stupid but I didnt know it for a while, on the node
  7. Specialization in Sabotage with 14 points. I was getting Bypasses with 10+ points, Hacks with 15 second timer, 4 second resets and 4-5 letter combinations. This was on hard difficulty. I would assume that at 14 points I should be able to hack most if not all objects. I'm not entirely sure what all affects the difficulty of the minigames. I was getting those hack settings on the last mission in my second hub, but on the first few missions of the final hub I was back up to 25+ seconds with 8 letter combos and 4-5 node bypasses. There are perks you can unlock as well as gear that will
  8. Also I think that what some people are missing is that it is supposed to be hard/impossible for some characters. If your guy specializes in QCQ a weapon and toughness than he shouldn't be able to hack very easily, it wouldn't make alot of sense in the context of the game
  9. I understand where you are coming from but it would be cool to see them have an endgame safehouse and some like freelance type missions working for G22 or other allies in the game.
  10. Honestly if you are going to get upset about this you have to get mad at every single shooter game ever made. They all call these things clips. Its to the point now where it doesnt even matter what it really is because it has become a synonym for magazine. Sorry it bothers you but you are just going to have to deal with it.
  11. Its definately medical bills for enemies. I never finished a mission with health missing because of my stealth build and I had a pretty big medical bills stat
  12. Does anyone recall Obsidian mentioning if they were planning on having DLC for this game. I just finished it and I absolutely loved it and I REALLY want some more. Heres hoping that it sells well enough to get a sequal.
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