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  1. Mina: Her name is Madison Saint James Mike: Sounds like a porn star ... I think I've seen some of her movies Mina: Some of those wanderings into your personal world are just creepy. Mike: Then I'll leave the comment that I may have worked with her before for another time.
  2. Wow, nice to see so many people agree (though I guess it's to be expected on the devs forum ). Anyway, just wanted to say that all these rather ambitious plans sound good in theory but I'd say they are probably hard to implement in a fun way. As someone already said, importing saves and CnC from part one would spawn a massive number of permutations if you want to do it well. Similar problems probably occur with sandbox like hubs, etc. I'd already be more than happy if they#d just make improvements on some of the gameplay features like more freedom of movement in the maps (get rid of the jump points and let us climb over chest high walls), better AI, etc. I guess the next thing on my wish list would be the savegames but as I said, I realize it would be extremely difficult. I actually didn't mind the hub and mission structure at all. I think it made for a good narrative. Well, however they are going to do it, one thing i for sure: this game needs a sequel!
  3. That's a goo one, had no idea so yeah, guess there are a lot of thos little gems. To contribute: In the Graybox to Parker: Mike: "So, you are in the intelligence gathering business ... found any?" Parker: "What?" Mike: "Intelligence. ...uh, it was meant as a joke." Parker: "Ah, 'Humor'" (-1 Rep with Parker) (was just waiting for him to say "a situational remark designed to invoke laughter in others, we have dismissed that claim" )
  4. Just throwing it out there. This game is brilliant and it definitely deserves a second installment. Importable savegames with overlapping CnC like in ME2 (maybe just a bit better ) would be great but even if that cannot be pulled off, this game definitely deserves a sequel. Hope commercial success is good enough to warrant one.
  5. Yes you can save a checkpoint (although there is no hotkey but you have to go through the menu to do it. There is however only one autosave, which saves after you step out of the induction. Since I had no manual save at the time I had to restart. Not much of an issue in this case but still, free saves would be better IMO.
  6. Alright been playing the game for a few hours yesterday with a stealthy character. I started over again after skipping part of the inductions by accident so I just did the first mission in Saudi Arabia. This brings me to my first point: Playing the PC version I am not very happy with the save system. I understand that checkpoints instead of free saving might make the whole experience a little more thrilling but I still can
  7. The Bond vs Bauer vs Bourne story is truly hilarious. Good stuff over all, can't wait to get the game.
  8. In the beginning I would have agreed but now? The whole PDA upgrade/virus story just fits too well to what is most likely going on behind the scenes. Especially with the "Omerta Protocol" and the "The upgrade can go both ways" message. It's probably not as explicit as has been suggested earlier in the thread but I would be surprised if we find that it is completely unrelated to the whole delay rumor story. Anyway, I think it is an awesome way to keep us teased and you are right, I'd love to see how MCA could keep this up for 8 Months .
  9. Man you just gave me a shock (sorta ). I thought you quoted "MT's" latest twitter message there. Given the ambiguous nature of the feed, that would probably have meant that a delay was certain. Good thing I was wrong, so we can keep guessing.
  10. I mean, the whole Omerta Protocol thing is pretty obvious. The feed is just hilarious. Although I'd really like to have some strait forward info on the whole delay issue, that twitter feed is almost worth it. ...almost
  11. Well, if the game needs the time, I wouldn't even mind another 8 months that much (although I would mind a little ). But I think at this point, some official clarification would be in order. We don't even need an exact date. A month ... hell a year would already be appreciated .
  12. It's kinda odd, this thread didn't receive attention from MR. Rorie yet. I'd understand if the release date is not entirely sure yet but rumors about June 2010? That is a shocker.
  13. Nevermind the different context. Ya well, I guess you are right. It doesn't exactly look like a romance plot is about to start after the end of that video. :D And I guess, Sis, as violent as she appears to be, would use other methods of interrogation. Nonetheless, Silence can be creepy.
  14. Just the extra weapons from the two retailers I can no longer remember - and they seem to be just U.S. specific. I think there might be something for Euro customers as well but that info will likely be coming from Sega. Thanks, I'll keep my eyes peeled! Same here. Thanks for the info Matthew.
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