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  1. Um, anyone remember the more recent ? I remember loving the gameboy version.
  2. Looks like Diablo 3. Not the one that looks like Torchlight, the actual Diablo 3.
  3. It's pretty good, I didn't know we had technology that good today.
  4. I was in a Mustang for a few minutes. With such a huge backdrop of experience, I can tell you that you really can't see anything due to how small the windows are.
  5. It's the least subtle reference to the Icarus myth (flying too close to God/messing with nature), really.
  6. I agree. Slider systems make me want to flip off a box of kittens. It's the number one reason I'll never play a femshep past character creation. At least in Oblivion I never had to look at my character. Ever. Not what I meant. The default Maleshep is based off a fashion model whose name I forget, you could've simply done the same if you wanted to decide on what default Femshep looks like for marketing purposes (nobody uses default femshep in game). And not looking at an Oblivion character is always a good thing.
  7. Why do people care so much about what Femshep looks like? Should've just picked a model like they did with Maleshep.
  8. I'm just waiting for fusion reactors. Can't be too far off, can they?
  9. Strafing and sideways rolling. That is all.
  10. I just shot him because his voice actor is awful. Also I wanted his shirt.
  11. Check the Codex, this is actually true. Council races salvaged Sovereign's weapons and made their versions, like the thannix cannon (you use it at the end of ME2 if you upgrade, one shots enemy ships). So yeah... maybe they didn't upgrade all that much between 2 and 3, but their guns are much better than in ME1.
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