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  1. Now I don't know if many of you know of this game, but Mesozoica is an upcoming grand tycoon simulation that was originally designed as a spiritual successor to Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. Since that conception, the game currently has over forty dinosaurs announced, modeled and animated and several more all finished that have yet to be unveiled. Plus, there are many, many more that are planned. The dinosaurs aren't just land dinosaurs, but also aquatic and arial. There aren't just dinosaurs, but also creatures from the paleozoic, cenozoic and phanerozoic (our age) geologic periods. S
  2. I apologize for you having the kill the thread. I see you only had to do was necessary. Please accept my apologies.
  3. r00fles! I'd suggest you stop talking about yourself when generalizing. I.... uh.... You know.... I... uh.... .... ... ...Never mind...
  4. Those idiots who post this isn't Black Isle because of the team are the biggest idiots in the world. If it were because of the team, you are on BLACK ISLE's FORUMS! Obsidian InXile Black isle Treyarch Sony Santa Monica What do they have in common? They are companies, except one of them can only be a company depending on the people that are in it? BULL****. I'm sure that if they had good rewards to give, they would have gone to Indigioo or whatever the **** it is. But they dont. I'm not saying support them, I'm not saying don't give them money. Humour yourselves, give five dollars.
  5. Really? I don't understand? Are you saying i should not have brough my children into this world? If i could choose today between my children and a career, what would i choose? Do you have any children? Obviously you would choose your career. As such without that your children would die of starvation or you would be humiliated in having them have been taken from you for being a **** parent with no job. Boom. You should have aken the games bro.
  6. That's Prototype you idiot. If it was a troll, I will say though, you did not mention any bridges bitch.
  7. You should've taken the games over the kids bro.
  8. Meanwhile in Palestine nothing new happened.
  9. The Amazing Spider-Man? No. I hated the movie and I have Arkham City. Edge of Time? I can get way better linear games. Shattered Dimensions? Eh... more like Shattered Developers. Honestly. A game based off of Spider-Man 2's New York, a unique story like Web of Fire and an emphasis on gameplay to make the story seem good even if it isn't would work. But what I want is a remake of Spider-Man 2000. Arguably the best game in the franchise, a remake, make that open world (just not the ground), add updated gameplay, new features and maybe even a branching storyline and you have th
  10. Je n'ecrire pas Espaniol, Senor. Dans la Canada, ecrivons en Francais ou Anglais? Understand? I wouldn't expect you too. But no Tupac Shakur, Revolutionary. Tupac Shakur, Rapper. There is 2 2pacs.
  11. I'm back. albeit temporarily. I choose you Tupacachu!
  12. If you don't want spoilers, don't read on. Hey guys, so I've been a bit erratic recently, but I'm here to put the slate as clean as it can be, as I will prosper on these forums. So, i saw the Dark Knight Rises last night and it was fantastic, for my review, go to cutlock.blogspot.com, and I was shellshocked by the ending. Bruce ends up with Selena and John Blake gets the Batcave while a new Bat-Signal is made. Hmm, could this mean that Blake becomes Batman, maybe this will spawn a sequel series spearheading the Justice League franchise. I for one, DO NOT WANT THAT. This film franchise
  13. Now, a couple years back, the Super Flash Bros (I think?) developed a free to play flash mystery game called Detective Grimoire. It was a really fun game, it got popular quick, people wanted a sequel, so the guys started to make another one. Now they are making part two for the iOS and it looks fun, help fund it. Oh and Morgoth and Volourn, if your going to reply in something that is three sentances long that just iterates to "Shut up", then just write that. Developers on the game (if you know them but not the game): Tom Vian Chaterine Unger Raphael Benjamin Meyer Adam Vian Voic
  14. Hmmm, isn't it you guys that are ***** when layoffs hit BioWare or Obsidian here? Hmm. Its not the studio. Its the people that got fired. Its the people with talent, sent to waste. Now don't give me bull**** that they kept the people with real talent, because all the talent in a studio does not come from 15 people. You know, i actually posted this to see what you guys would say. And you know, Volourn, Morgoth, you guys are top contributors here on these forums, you guys lead me to think that all the Bioware hate I see on these threads, gets me thinking, did the Obsidian Forums factor in on the
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