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  1. Will this come as part of Game Pass, or will it need to be purchased separately?
  2. Like can you build it then recycle it so it just leaves a path?
  3. Some sort of Grub farm would be nice, and some sort of method of stopping grass/sprigs/clover from growing back so we can make paths.
  4. I doubt Tyranny 2 since it's paradox and Obsidian isn't indie anymore. I hope they continue the Isometric Pillars as a way to drive PC gamepass with exclusive content and do a big AAA game in Eora as a separate franchise for Xbox.
  5. I think this is the most likely. It's the biggest reason I have seen cited by people who didn't buy the game but normally buy those types of games.
  6. Might as well grab Tyranny from Paradox, too, while they're at it. I'm all for that. I liked Tyranny more than PoE, but it needs a sequel, and I don't want anyone but Obsidian doing it.
  7. I liked the message TLJ pushed that it doesn't matter if a legendary figure was an awful bitter old hermit who tried to kill his nephew, his legend is more important and inspires others to be better people. Seems like a parallel to how college kids keep trying to ruin the legend of historical figures by focusing entirely on their negatives.
  8. Local power metal band with an impressive female front
  9. Messed up that both the co-creators of Swamp Thing died in the same year.
  10. Honestly, if Trump stuck to his script and stayed off Twitter, I don't think there would be a lot to complain about.
  11. My understanding is most of the statues honored confederate soldiers, who didn't give a crap about slavery, they just were fighting to defend their homes from an invading army from the north. Lee for example opposed the CSA seceding but joined when Virginia did because he fought for his home. The first statue thats removal caused a stink was of a guy who opposed slavery and campaigned for the CSA to push for peace with the Union. Anyway, opposing Nazi's doesn't automatically make you a good person. Antifa are violent communists, not good people. Stalin opposed the Nazis and he killed 3x as many people as the Nazis. Also, communists fighting fascists in the streets has led to every fascist government in history, except modern China, where the communists just adopted some free market policies to become fascists.
  12. I liked Andromeda, unfortunately it was like a DC movie. It was too busy setting up future games and not worrying enough about the game itself. I hope it gets a sequel because I want to see more of Kett society and see who the mysterious backer is and such.
  13. I've been around the community more or less for 20 years now (Was on the Black Isle forums before migrating). Good people come and go, as do bad ones, but its always been a pretty welcoming place with a good group of people.
  14. Modern comics Supergirl was at one time portrayed as 'stronger' due to not having grown up having to suppress her powers like Clark did as she arrived as a teenager. Not sure if that applies to the episode as I'm not watching the show. Young Kara uses her powers once in a first season flashback, saving a woman and child from a burning car, until Pa Danvers admonishes that their lives are at risk if she continues. Every episode in both seasons begins with a monologue explaining she was forced to conceal herself as a child on Earth, so it's unlikely lack of suppression influenced Supergirl's defeat of Superman. I didn't mind it, I thought it was unexpected and fun. Was Suprgirl's name always Kara Danvers in the comics? I am so old that I can't remember lol I could have sworn that her name was originally Kara Kent and that the new Danvers name is just a rebuttle to Captain Marvel's Carol Danvers. I remember watching the old Supergirl show with Billie Jean but I'm pretty sure her name on there was Kara Kent. Just curious. She was originally Linda Danvers. Superboy(clone version) went by Connor Kent.
  15. Problem is Marvel doesn't really have any major female characters. All the well known female marvel characters are X-Men, so Fox has the rights. They have really been pushing Captain Marvel to be their Wonder Woman in the comics, but she isn't catching on like they hoped. The movie might help with that. In terms of the MCU, however, they have both Scarlet Witch and Black Widow on whom they can base a film, being that both have in their cinematic incarnations a fair bit of following. Besides, is Captain Marvel really less successful than either Guardians of the Galaxy or Doctor Strange? I think the MCU by now have a strong-enough following to make of a middling comic book series a successful cinematic one. In all honesty I wouldn't be surprised if all three heroines above have already been looked at as potential candidates for their own solo films, but perhaps they've yeat to hit on a project that would be appealing and have them at the lead. Dunno, but either way I don't think it's their lack of bankability as characters that has kept them from having their solo ventures. Captain Marvel sells about 10-20 thousand fewer copies per month than Doctor Strange. Her book has been cancelled several times for low sales and relaunched with the hope it can gain momentum. It's hovering around 25k per month now, with 20k being the cancellation level. For comparison I believe Batman and Spider-Man are the top selling books at around 130-150k per month. I doubt Scarlet Witch could do a solo film, her backstory was already covered and I don't think she's interesting enough to carry a solo film. A Black Widow one dealing with the Red Room and maybe Leviathan could work. They may be able to pull off a She Hulk one as well, if they can get around the distribution rights with Universal. Monica Rambeau, aka Captain Marvel, aka Photon, aka Pulsar, aka Spectrum could definitely handle her own movie. She has the power set to be in the big leagues, she's an interesting character with a lot of history, she's just a really unknown character. Marvel has proven they can make anything successful, they just really don't have a lot to work with.
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