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  1. that would be a good future insect. They would have to come out with a heavy hitting weapon to be able to kill that thing
  2. No something has to be there to keep it from growing back. So what I did was build the clay/brick to make paths that wouldn't grow back
  3. Actually in my single player save ive been looking at that. It might be different for other people, but when i clear an area then build something that covers the ground like a clay slab, grass pallets, grass floor, or the scaffolding the grass doesn't grow back
  4. Start by saying Grounded is such a great game. Obsidian has created a game that has endless possibilities for future content. With that said ideas from their fans could possibly be emulated in the game if it was a good/mind blowing idea. If anyone has similar feelings/idea and wants to drop comments and ideas of their own maybe some wont go unnoticed. With that said here are some of my thoughts. Furture Upgrades to weapons and armor: I've notice that the good gear only goes to level/teir 2. What if they made teir 3 armor to be a combination of a teir 1 and teir 2 so that you could c
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