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  1. No doubt mine being the most valuable. Why else would I ask for a sticky? At least if it happens, I can return here without hassle to wallow in your wisdom. Will you be my fridge magnet, so I can see you every time I go get some milk? Me loves you long time...
  2. Sticky this please: it offers a wealth of player feedback in one place...
  3. The PS3 version has an image of the specific character in the background of each piece; I would assume it is the same for you poor 360 owners?
  4. So, what would you like to see which would/could improve this game? I would like:
  5. Not being able to bring in and level your own personal avatar - should a slot be available for that class - is an omission, I feel, that will cost this game a long-term player base of dedicated fans.
  6. Well their support blows. I've had a post and a support ticket open for around 10 hours and not a fkin peep. The game crashes every time I click "Find games". Have asked Steam for a refund, but I know i'll end up just biting the bullet with this game. Blows, waited years for this. Good riddance... hoping you get refunded as due to ignorance and ipatience you will surely not be missed.
  7. A response this quick from the dev team shows true commitment and respect for their player base; in turn, I will give you both in return. It is somewhat overlooked after launch in today's industry and I salute you for it. Incidentally, I didn't notice anywhere (in fact, I'm tired and didn't trawl through all the posts) but, will you look at fixing the subtitle bug? The fact that the option toggle does not remove the subs is somewhat bothersome. (PS version and also PC, allegedly). Many thanks. Incidentally, having a blast on it. Cheers guys.
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