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  1. Yes I know SE are the publisher I think my wording was not great as I was being funny in saying how EA offer DLC really quick but in this case Obsidian may take some time creating good dlc.
  2. I will play it again but its a shame its not as big or diverse as the Diablo games or Icewind Dale or Baldurs Gate, when I say it is a very well made game I mean in the respective of gameplay, visuals and performance as have had no issues graphically only with the game saves and golden dots not appearing thats about it. I dont agree with people saying 'if you beat it stick it on harder' a game should last longer in its offering in the way of quests and size and seeing how the game is only 4.4gb in size the overall content offered is rather small. Look at Oblivion that was around the sa
  3. Wait if you join online you cannot progress by saving?? Ouch thats messed up.
  4. The game just got released but I know EA is very well known to release dlc way before a game even launches and 9/10 EA's content is unlockables rather than actual content. So just give it some time and am sure there will be some DLC. Now having just beat the game gonna give it a go online but am also waiting on some Dragon Age 2 DLC and that game has been out for a few months now so just waiting on the developer.
  5. Hi, press the back button, go to items and then select the item and I think its X to trasmute it should be there.
  6. Well I bought the game yesterday and just beat it, although its a very well made game suprised its only 4.4gb in size once installed on the 360, wish the game was a bit more open like Baldurs Gate or Diablo. Theres far too much loot and tons and tons of chests wish the game had more variety and perhaps a bit more like Dragon Age, although its better than Two Worlds 2 and Dragon Knight Saga by miles. Very good voice acting, good story and powers are nice. Hopefully we get DLC to add more to the game to make it a bit more open or look forward to a follow up to the game that lasts at lea
  7. I am on the Bioware forums and notice that developers are very active on that forum and respond to a lot of the posts that are on there so am hoping that Obsidian do something similar to at least let us know that they will be giving this game their full support. There aren't that many great RPG's out and since Dragon Age 2 have been thirsting for a decent RPG (I have played pretty much all the ones that are out even the bad ones), now this game has a lot of potential even though its only 4.4gb installed on my Xbox 360 but definently has a lot of potential especially with the online multiplay
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