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  1. No worries I have people talk about steam and PC constantly lol even headed it with Xbox 360 but its cool sorry that I sounded like a grumpy prune lol. But yeah hopefully it gets patched then but my other acheivements have unlocked so strange why this one will not.
  2. There is a problem with Steam and the achievments at the moment. The devs tried to fix it in coperation with Steam yesterday, but apperently there are still problems. I am getting seriously cheesed off do people not READ?!! I said Xbox 360 why do you people keep thinking I am talking about the PC?????? XBOX 360 Acheivemant is not unlocking this is the only one I am having an issue with, I have even defeated the slimy grey swamp things and still hasn't unlocked yet all my other ones have no probs.
  3. So I started a new game this time as Anjali even with my limited edition version I did not equip any of the items and anything I picked up I did not use, so confronted the first boss just before you meet Odo and defeated him in my starting gear and I did not get the acheivement. Or was this not a boss? Even though he had a long health bar like a boss.
  4. I see here that the PC version is getting a patch http://www.dsogaming.com/news/dungeon-sieg...patch-incoming/ So wondering is there a console version? In particular the Xbox 360? If so please can you advise when and what the patch will include.
  5. Yes I know SE are the publisher I think my wording was not great as I was being funny in saying how EA offer DLC really quick but in this case Obsidian may take some time creating good dlc.
  6. I will play it again but its a shame its not as big or diverse as the Diablo games or Icewind Dale or Baldurs Gate, when I say it is a very well made game I mean in the respective of gameplay, visuals and performance as have had no issues graphically only with the game saves and golden dots not appearing thats about it. I dont agree with people saying 'if you beat it stick it on harder' a game should last longer in its offering in the way of quests and size and seeing how the game is only 4.4gb in size the overall content offered is rather small. Look at Oblivion that was around the same size I think around 4.9gb or less and that game was huge.
  7. Wait if you join online you cannot progress by saving?? Ouch thats messed up.
  8. The game just got released but I know EA is very well known to release dlc way before a game even launches and 9/10 EA's content is unlockables rather than actual content. So just give it some time and am sure there will be some DLC. Now having just beat the game gonna give it a go online but am also waiting on some Dragon Age 2 DLC and that game has been out for a few months now so just waiting on the developer.
  9. What is up with the poor replies? Saves run out? Using different profile? Seriously. No my save slots have not run out and if you read anything I have said then you would realise it is a BUG, if I have made 3 saves and I am allowed up to 50 then you do the math and see where I have run out *rolls eyes* it seems as you play more and further in the problem fixes itself so the issue seems to be at the place where the Meisters are. Also sometimes when pressing the d-pad up for the dots they sometimes stop appearing.
  10. Hi, press the back button, go to items and then select the item and I think its X to trasmute it should be there.
  11. Well I bought the game yesterday and just beat it, although its a very well made game suprised its only 4.4gb in size once installed on the 360, wish the game was a bit more open like Baldurs Gate or Diablo. Theres far too much loot and tons and tons of chests wish the game had more variety and perhaps a bit more like Dragon Age, although its better than Two Worlds 2 and Dragon Knight Saga by miles. Very good voice acting, good story and powers are nice. Hopefully we get DLC to add more to the game to make it a bit more open or look forward to a follow up to the game that lasts at least 30+hrs. Again well done Obsidian now just waiting on more )
  12. Ok I have found more issues, it seems the game starts to not like saving the game or does not create further saves when you are at the city where the Meisters are, there is a very big bug/glitch in regards to this. When you click on save it will not either create a new save or will just overwrite the latest save even if you choose to create a new one or overwrite another save you have made. Also the gold dots showing the quest path eventually stops working, the only fix I can see is to dashboard it then wait a while take the disc out then put it back again and then it works, the game is installed to the hard drive. So would appreciate this looked into please.
  13. Ok so i've just took the disc out and put it back in and started the game up and now it sees my saves! Yay I didn't lose anything! ^_^ but its still a bug though.
  14. I am on the Bioware forums and notice that developers are very active on that forum and respond to a lot of the posts that are on there so am hoping that Obsidian do something similar to at least let us know that they will be giving this game their full support. There aren't that many great RPG's out and since Dragon Age 2 have been thirsting for a decent RPG (I have played pretty much all the ones that are out even the bad ones), now this game has a lot of potential even though its only 4.4gb installed on my Xbox 360 but definently has a lot of potential especially with the online multiplayer co-op added. I have had to put the game down however as my saves no longer are seen by the game so I guess I will wait on a patch as mentioned in my other post, looking forward to DLC and such when it becomes available. So all in all well done and thank you Obsidian I have been rather let down by your past games but this one has put some faith back into perhaps making future purchases of games you may make )
  15. Well firstly would like to say well done to Obsidian for making a very good rpg. Have been playing for around 7-8hrs and have encountered a major bug, when you go to do the quest with the Cyclops in order to gain votes from the Meisters the place you go where its all fiery the save points there cause the game to not recognize any of the saves. No saves are listed and when you click save the game does not. I then exited the game only to find that the game no longer sees any of my saves (I made 2). However when I go to my hard drive the saves are there, in fact there are many saves no luckily that means I do have saves to fall back on but the game no longer sees them. Obsidian can you please look into this and if possible advise of a patch when possible, I don't want to continue playing if my saves cannot be seen, also I have recommened this game to several of my friends (luckily I made a US Xbox Live account and tried the demo why is there no demo for the UK?).
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