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  1. if they cant fix mp as far as having to reconstruct it,Why not add random dungeon for mp. that way 4 people get together,Beat the living hell out enemies.Floors and floors of brutal mayhem like torchlight has it never ends. later if possible fix story mode for mp where can all keep our loot exp etc raise level cap
  2. reflexivedee on xbox 360 ill play with yall morrow gonna test solo out later tonite
  3. I dont think they need new game plus only way they could add something similar with dlc addon is this,Import completed saved game character as coop ai or friend..Once your other main character level is within 5 levels of completed one,You can choose to use your imported character make your current player the ai or something.
  4. i hpe it does cuz dragon age 2 sure has not had nay since it pretty muc launched it been 3 months
  5. I know there will be dlc as far as items etc,Anyone know bout extra quests level cap rasied.It be awsome hope to hear some release date timeline,For futre dlc to extend this game expansion pack i hope we get also!
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