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  1. I've recently tried to compare effects of an equipped item to see what was clashing with my equipment (BTW, would be great to see what is being suppressed in an item's tooltip once it is equipped; instead of having to go to the character sheet). Using a "Minor Ring of Protection": 1. Equip the ring (The effects of the ring should now be applied) 2. Click, and drag (Aka, hold M1 button down), the equipped ring out of the item slot (The effects of the ring should now stop) 3. Release the click and drag over an invalid equipment slot (The armor slot, for example) 4. The Ring should now "j
  2. One of my Support party members are incapable of opening a Locked Chest of Difficulty 7 with the aid of lockpicks. The tooltip over the chest indicates I am able to, however, the lockpicking fails. See the link below for the samegame (And please tell me if I am doing something wrong here - Always good to learn how to do it properly). https://www.dropbox.com/s/tjwg8jzhase2pnd/SaveGame.zip?dl=0
  3. I was counting down the seconds to when you were going to die a horrible, horrible death against those wolves. There is a 5th level wolf in that pack that destroys you. Come back after a few more follwers. Also: You missed a cave.
  4. When it comes to gods one thing that conufses me is what sort of god would willingly take on the portfolio of "Greed" or any other negative describing word? I would imagine they would try and put a positive spin on it and say they are the god of "Wealth" or "Luxury"
  5. Fable not the same as DSIII. We don't really how hard it would be in the end. Granted the change from a shared camera is big but you could still improve the camera in different ways. Still going to go with "In the next iteration of the game" for any sort of Camera fix. If it were simple (And cost effective); it would have been done already.
  6. I wouldn't count on any of those issues being fixed on this iteration of Dungeon Siege. The "fix" Fable had used required massive changes to the engine and a brand spanking new squeal.. So, uh, for a more pessimistic ETA for the fix from some random who doesn't know a thing: In the distant future when Dungeon Siege 4 is released. It costs a lot to put in a new feature post-release; more than this game is worth I'll bet (Think of it as "upgrading" a sea faring ship while it's in use across the pacific ocean sort of expensive)
  7. Uuh... Secret of Mana? (To find out how to play it on a PC; use google-fu); an old game on the Super Nintendo. The "Couch co-op" thing kinda kills a lot of games because PC's ain't built for that style of play... Unless you want some turn based stratagies.
  8. What's your opinion on Cliffracers? What possessed the team on New Vegas to make the beast known as "cazadores"? They are large numbers, highly resistant to most forms of damage, poisonous and spawn rather often. I learned the best way to kill them is using a rapid fire SMG but those weapons chewed through ammo. If you could change one minor thing to Dungeon Siege 3; what would it be? (Minor being that it wouldn't largely effect the story or how the game plays/game mechanics)
  9. If it's an out of combat only thing, I dig it.
  10. What does people using PC's to go on the internet have to do with the price of wheat in china?
  11. "With your great wealth your character entertained his/her stranger habits; miniature golf. Sadly the course was destroyed by rampaging Krugs only weeks after it was finished"
  12. And consoles have expanded the gaming market to a size where titles such as this can be created with a high chance of generating a profit (Or, a greater profit that would warrant it's creation)?
  13. Edit: Not exactly the message I like to say so uh... Yeah, scratch this one
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