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  1. FFXII's remake is a bit weird. Some of the cut scenes look like they're still from the 2007? release, while some cut scenes look like they legitimately used today's graphics to do them. Still enjoying myself, though. Although I'd forgotten how much grinding you have to do in order to be high enough level to tackle the next step in the main quest line.
  2. I'll buy it on release. I've never (nor will ever) pre-order games though. Okay, maybe that's not quite true since I did the whole Kickstarter donation thing for PoE. But that's not quite the same thing.
  3. The Last of Us? The Nathan Drake (Uncharted) series? ----- More FFXII for me. I don't know if it's just random chance, but Basch is the only character who I've stumbled upon to unlock a bunch of HP+ icons in the license menu. Maybe it was just chance that the ones I unlocked further unlocked all his HP upgrades, but he's at like over 1000 HP while everyone else in my party is still in the 300-400 range.
  4. Damn ... I don't know whether to re-start my game of FFXII or not. I chose a license for Vaan that I don't really like now, but it seems I'm stuck with it until I can add a second license way later on. Problem is I'm far enough in that it will be a bit of a slog to re-start. Gah.
  5. I tend to suck at these games, so I'll take every advantage I can get.
  6. So I ended up buying the remake of FFXII. Haven't played it yet, but the original FFXII was one of my favorite FF games ever. Certainly enjoyed it more than anything that came after it. So I'm sort of excited to see how things go. Still playing a bit of The Division 2, also. Though honestly, I'm just not into it. I'll get caught up when on a mission because some of the gun fights can be fun, but overall the story is just meh.
  7. Why oh why do game developers decide to make your character feel less effective the more you level up because of buffed up enemies? Playing through The Division 2 and I'm at Level 25 now, but I feel less powerful than I was at around Level 10 because now it seems all missions include a bunch of "tank" enemies who throw fire bombs or shoot grenade launchers, which easily trump anything I have in my arsenal. At least when I was lower level, it would be rare for a tank to appear and usually only 1 "purple" enemy. As you level up, enemy TACTICS should be the difficult part you have to deal with when you're facing the "bosses", but not just because they decided the boss has twenty layers of shields/armor and a weapon that saps you of health with one hit.
  8. The Division 2's combat is annoying when you're up against an enemy who shoots grenades. It's especially cheesy when it's a flame grenade since your health literally goes almost to zero if you get hit.
  9. The Division 2 seriously needs to add a flashlight that you can attach to your guns. If you're walking around at night or go into any buildings/tunnels with no light, it's literally impossible to see. There's realism in video games, and then there's annoying adherence to realism in video games that ruins the experience.
  10. The Division really isn't meant to be a single player game, is it. I'm remembering why the first game failed to keep me invested long-term. Playing through The Division 2, I'm enjoying the gun fights on the missions, but the story isn't pulling me in and the characters are just kind of there to the point where it feels like a giant MMO (which I guess is kind of the point?).
  11. KOTOR3 being done right became impossible when the actual BioWare got replaced by this doppelganger BioWare that EA has swapped in. Having seen BioWare's latest games, I'm actually glad there is no KOTOR3 (even as one of the franchise's biggest fans) because it would probably be some half-baked shooter with zero story and just a bunch of "pay to upgrade" things attached.
  12. I picked up The Division 2 today. I liked, but didn't love, the first game. Can't remember why I stopped playing. I think the side content got boring. Hopefully this one improves upon that.
  13. I got so annoyed with the final boss fight in Dying Light: the Following that I decided to load a previous save and opt for the "kill 'em all" option just to be done with it.
  14. I thought I was a lot closer to finishing the last mission in Dying Light The Following, but apparently not. These random tasks just keep going. The leveling up takes forever, especially when you don't have quests to do. The side content is lacking in this DLC.
  15. Drawing close to being done with Dying Light: The Following. I'm finding that the story just isn't pulling me in, and the other activities are too sparse and too boring to keep my attention.
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