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  1. Borderlands 3 seems so empty of life on each planet. Seems like literally the only "humans" on each planet are either working with my group or working with the Calypsos. There doesn't seem to be many people doing their own thing. I think another thing that makes it seem empty is they opted for multiple planets that are sparsely populated, rather than just one giant planet with a bunch of different "regions" with the various people you meet. IMO, it lost some of its charm of being set in sort of a desert wasteland and almost feels space-y. Near the end now (I think). Only one bug I've found is one of the Typhon logs doesn't seem to want to activate. So I'm stuck with literally one log unaccounted for, even though I've clicked on the thing multiple times now. It just never registers as "found" or "played".
  2. I've been focusing on the skill tree that regenerates health and stuff. I don't necessarily need my pet to do a lot of damage to the bosses, but I'd like it if they actually did what I told them to do. The command function is there for a reason, but even though I've got the rocket launcher jabber equipped to fire rockets at who I command him to, he just stands there looking at the boss until he gets killed. I can't even use him as a revival tool because he's always dead way before I actually need him to save me. The Troy fight is also giving me more problems with FLAK than it did with Moze. A part of it is the same frustration I had the first time with Moze, where my shields don't seem to be doing what they're supposed to. With Moze, my shields seemed to actually absorb those energy balls Troy shoots at you. Now, they hit me all the time, taking out my shields, then he follows up with a melee strike that takes my health. And of course my pet does nothing, stands too close to him, and just ends up dying right away. At least with Moze she had that mech bear that was almost like a "cheat shield" where if I found I was losing too much health, I could activate it and do some damage while hiding behind its stronger shields. The best weapon I currently have equipped is a purple gun I bought from that nutjob aboard Sanctuary who sells you stuff for Eridium. That's a bit disappointing considering the fact I've literally got an entire bank full of "legendary orange" weapons, but they're not nearly as effective as a purple I bought. Kind of wish the orange gear would be extra special so when you find one, it's like a big deal. Instead, it's like, "Oh cool, an orange. I'll just put this in my stash for collection sake".
  3. I spoke too soon. FLAK sucks against the Agonizer 9000. The companion dies all the time because it can't avoid the sweeping blade attack, or for whatever reason it doesn't shoot at the mech boss. I'll even give it commands and it'll just wander around until the blades kill it. That's the one boss fight so far where I had an easier time with Moze than with FLAK.
  4. I'm having a lot easier time fighting these bosses in Borderlands 3 using FLAK than I was using Moze. Maybe it's just that my pet seems to distract the enemy and allows me to take shots without being the focus on attention, but one would think Moze's tank ability would outweigh that. But it doesn't. The Grave boss (forget the full name) was so easy with FLAK. It just took time because of its ridiculous HP, but I never once was in jeopardy of dying. Yet I rage quit at least twice and died at least 3 times with Moze when I fought that boss the first time.
  5. Probably. I just remember it more vividly because RDR2 is the latest game of theirs I've played. I think what added to the frustration is you knew even before every mission how it would end, but you had to go along with it because Morgan is so damn stupid that he thinks that maybe THIS time Dutch's plan will go smoothly even though the prior 1000 times it didn't.
  6. Yeah, one of my biggest gripes about RDR2. No matter what you were told to do, no matter what "play style" you choose to play, you end up in a fire fight at the end of every single mission. It became stupid after the first handful of times, too. You just knew going in exactly how it would end up.
  7. That stupid ice ball was a killer for me. I believe he also does a flame ball as well. That killed me more than any other attack he sent my way.
  8. It was just really weird. Like, literally the first few times I tried to face him, my shields would go down the very second one of his orbs/spheres hit me, then my health would follow because he usually followed up with a melee charge/strike. But when I quit and then re-loaded a couple of minutes later, my shields destroyed the orbs/spheres coming at me and so when he melee charged I still had shields to deflect a lot of the damage. My favorite weapon right now is a purple rifle. It shoots flame damage that increases in strength the longer I hold the trigger. My legendary gear is pretty much obsolete at this point other than my shields (which do radiation damage to anyone who comes near me). Which kind of sucks because I like rockin' the orange gear just for the prestige of it.
  9. Update: Okay, something weird happened during that fight. Initially, I couldn't beat him. He'd shoot those stupid rolling balls and whenever one would hit me, it would take my shields down completely. He'd then charge at me and take my health down all the way because my shields hadn't recharged yet. Two seconds later I'd be dead. Rinse and repeat about 5 or 6 times until I rage quit. After calming down, I load up the game and try again. For whatever reason, my shields did NOT deplete when those spheres he tosses hit them. Instead, my shield -- which is some sort of radiation damage shield which does radiation damage to anything that hits them -- kept destroying the spheres as soon as they hit them. So I was able to lay into him with my weapons because I didn't have to try and dodge out of the way all the time. I honestly have no clue what happened. The first 5 or 6 times I fought him, the shields did NOT deflect a single thing. Then suddenly after quitting and re-starting, the shields actually blocked his attacks. So I'm not sure if they simply didn't work the first half dozen times, or if they worked TOO well the last time when I finally beat him. Sidenote: It sucks that my best weapons now are purple and not my legendary orange. All my legendary stuff is like 10 levels below what I'm at and doesn't do nearly enough damage as the recent purple gear I've gotten.
  10. About to face Troy Callypso. Something tells me it's going to be a fight that annoys the hell out of me.
  11. Day 1 purchase for me. I don't do the pre-order thing, so they don't get that from me. But I generally buy Obsidian stuff on the first day it's released. Outer Worlds will be no exception.
  12. Still playing through Borderlands 3. Found a few more sidequests on my return to Pandora, but they feel ... empty. Maybe it's nostalgia, but a lot of the sidequests in BL2 seemed to feel as though they were part of the overall story. This time, it's just random characters who don't seem to add any fleshing out of the world just asking me to do random stuff. Or maybe I'm just misremembering BL2. In any case, the game can get addictive when you're on a mission and engaged in clearing out areas. But it just seems a lot more lifeless than the previous games. The only thing keeping my interest is pushing through the main campaign.
  13. I was able to beat that boss I was stuck on. I only leveled up one more level, but I was able to upgrade my mech tank ability to have a faster cooldown so I could use it more often during the fight, then randomly ran around using weapons with elemental damage to drop its health continuously (if slowly) while the mech cooled down. I got nothing of note for beating it, though. No legendary weapon, not even a purple. That's the kind of boss fight where the Devs should have rewarded you with something really cool. Instead, I basically just got rewarded some cash because the stuff that dropped was only good for selling at a vending machine.
  14. I haven't bothered to farm anything because I can't seem to find a "boss" that drops loot that's worth my time farming it. I'm just not liking the level design. Like you mentioned, it feels more area-specific and less open world. The actual open world seems just wandering around from "area to area" with nothing to do. I also find the lack of sidequests harmful because I can't seem to level up fast enough to tackle the main story boss fights. So my only alternative is just wandering around shooting random enemies to grind XP, but gets boring real quick. They also have a weird boss leveling thing going on where the mission will be described as "Level X", but the boss at the end of the mission always seems to be X+4 or X+5 higher. My current mission, I thought I was sufficiently overpowered as I was Level 32 and the mission said it was for Level 29. But then when I get to the boss, the boss is Level 33 and I can't beat it. And I'm kind of stuck because there are no sidequests for me to do in the meantime to help level up more. I don't know. The more I play, the more I think it's a step down from what they achieved with BL2.
  15. The farther I get in Borderlands 3, the more it really does feel like there's so much less to do than I remember there being in Borderlands 2. It literally feels like I'm basically just playing the main story constantly, unless I want to wander around to grind some XP.
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