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  1. I looked at the wiki companion page. 8 Companions, only 3 have quests, is this correct in the final release? Do companions have an "alignment" that may/may not work with yours? Thank you
  2. Thanks for taking the time to write all that down Sock, it was a very interesting and helpful read for me and will save me a heap of time trying to figure a lot of that out myself, Much appreciated, cheers!
  3. Basically DPS...(hope there is no Fallen Ranger possible in PoE). I usually play a mage type or a ranged type, but I cannot figure out a ranged build with the descriptions,
  4. Could someone advise me on this please, I cannot tell what specs are good from the descriptions available so far. Thanks for any help
  5. I had figured it out just after posting, but thanks for taking the time to help
  6. Nevermind found that it was in a different INV than the normal one. Thanks anyway.
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